I’m quite drawn the demons, help?

The names Rena

I’m fairly interested in demons and have been since I was around ten. Someone told me that king paimon has chosen me but I’m doubting that. Can anyone help me?

well hello there. it is in fact a rule on this forum to first introduce yourself to the forum before you can post anything else.

@DarkestKnight will assist you with more info

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Okay so where do I introduce myself

I would say not to touch them until you learn the basics if you haven’t already


Over here and plz make sure you read the instruction

Ah, okay! I never know what to say when it comes to things like that lol.

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Just introduced your self basic stuff.
Witch city you from, how old r u?
What system of magick you interested in?
How did you find this forum?
Do you have any experience with magick?

Its a rule of the forum to introduce your self.

Okay! :blush:

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Was that a witch on the internet, by any chance?


Why do you ask? They work with demons but I didn’t get the chance to ask them. I had reached out and told them about my dream and if it meant anything (the dream man had thick black hair, a crown, red eyes, and pale skin. He rode on a camel)

After I had told them that they said; that’s king paimon. He chose you.

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I asked because there have been quite a few newbies here who have talked to online witches and were told things that weren’t too accurate. I think it’s entirely possible you saw King Paimon in your dream, and that He is encouraging you to contact Him. The thing with online witches is, some will tell you things that can be interpreted one way or another, especially if you have no experience yet. The term ”chose“ seems to fall into that category imo. He might very well encourage you to work with Him (although, sometimes a dream is just a dream and nothing else), but He doesn’t ”choose“ someone in the sense of you’re The Chosen One. Not saying you’re one of those people with a huge ego, just saying it’s best to contact a spirit directly, if possible, and not rely solely on the words of an online witch who, after all, is running a business. Should you decide to work with King Paimon, He is a wonderful teacher and very patient and understanding with beginners.


Oh, no, I don’t feel that way at all. I honestly didn’t believe it either. I’m not sure if they are a witch. I just think they work with demons and they seem to be educated, more so than me. I’ve only ever held an interest for them. I’m way too nervous to make contact and don’t feel worth it. In my dream he seemed sarcastic. Maybe it was just a dream? Though, I do lucid dream quite frequently.

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Maybe He was being sarcastic to get you to come out of your shell.

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous, but you’re NOT unworthy of contacting Him, or anyone else. Maybe you’re not ready, but not because you’re not worthy. It helps to do research first, and you don’t need to attempt a full-on evocation or even invocation.
You can take small steps and not push yourself outside your comfort zone too soon. You don’t need evocation at all tbh. There are other ways, just leaving an offering in respect will go a long way, and it will slowly but surely take the fear away and you’ll find out what you want and how you want to go about it so that it’s right for you. There are many ways and methods, the whole ceremonial shebang isn’t necessary.

First thing you need to know is that the spirits will sometimes provoke you a little bit (sometimes a little more, depending on the person) in order to make you rethink your attitude. If you’re struggling with self-confidence, you should own it and contact them nonetheless. King Paimon, for one, will respect you for it and He won’t make you feel inferior, ever. The dream could be a reflection of your desire to reach out to the spirits, but being afraid they’ll mock you or belittle you, hence the perceived sarcasm. Not to say that King Paimon is never sarcastic, but He’s usually pretty chill and, like I said, understanding with newbies.

I should add that some spirits are more approachable than others, but this depends on your personality as well as the spirit‘s character. Researching the entities and reading other people’s accounts (taken with a grain of salt and a good portion of trusting your own gut if something smells of BS or hyperbole) is definitely helpful.