I’m not sure working with Satan is for me

So I’ve been doing daily evocations of Satan for several days now and I’m not sure this is really for me. Insofar I’ve felt a drastic increase in anxiety and an overall negative feeling that I can’t quite describe. So far aside from those side effects I haven’t felt any real benefit. And despite the fact that some people agreed it would be okay to use the psalms for magic separately while at the same time otherwise working with Satan, something just doesn’t feel right. So in terms of stopping working with Satan, would I just stop evoking him and we go our separate ways? Or should I just politely tell him that I’ve decided that working with him might not be for me?

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You’re the only one who can answer that. Who you work with and who you do not work with, is YOUR decision.

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Just want to say, I don’t really work with that stuff, and I do fine, so there is plenty of powerful magick available that’s on a different harmonic. :smiley:


@Rayne - Lady_Eva has a journal, check it out! She knows what she’s talking about and has some good resources!

YES! I definitely agree with the whole harmonics thing. I just resonate better with the energy of the psalms than I do with Satan. And I guess I would have never known that unless I tried both. Thanks Eva! :blush:

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I mean you don’t have to work with satan a few of us here don’t really touch him or that stuff and do good in our own ways.


You could try Lucifer. He’s always appeared as very light to me.

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Agreed! I’ve never worked with Satan myself.

Right now, I am working with Ariel to help give me light. :hugs:

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Satan is not a prerequisite in any way to work with demons, so don’t feel like you have to if you don’t resonate with his energies. I have nothing to do with him but have no issues working with other demons.

In my practice, I generally split my day between evoking angels and demons.


I have always just did direct energy work with my own energy while forming bonds with entities from different places, recently I haven’t asked for their help in some ways but it was never satan or any of the infernals.

The ancestors have me on a tight rein after an experience this afternoon.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the Dragons when you mention the infernal(s). Just like you and me - everyone is entitled to work with who they feel is best for them.

Some of the Dragons my ancestors like, especially one female Dragon based in the US. To maintain privacy of who she is, she teaches by example. She beyond knowledgeable about her stuff. They like her, as she’s humble and doesn’t toot her own horn. And no, this is not the moderator. I do like learning from her though.

The path I am on, I’ve been redirected towards just learning for myself at the moment. But, my ancestors are guiding me to a direct line and I’m bound for three moons in kindness. June will be the first moon. July the second. And August will be the third.

I am to learn from everything and anyone I feel drawn to. Certain posts have popped out. In September, I will go through another transition. From kindness to empathy. In November, the rains will fall. Then the snow. And I’ll be reborn.

But there is learning in all things. Now I know I need learn of these Pslams. Right now, I’m being directed towards light to heal myself for the future. I’ve been dead to myself a long time.


Can angs be evoked/invoking as demons? I mean, writing the sigil, doing mantras ? From your personal experience what is the best angel to balance demonic energy? I had been working with Bael lately And his enetgy is weighty as hell so tomorrow i Want to Evoke a angel And work with him to balance that

Balance Bael with his corresponding angel of the Shemhamforash, Vehuiah.

And yes, angels can be evoked the same way as demons, with sigils and mantras.


Thank you. I had been postponing to work with Angels , but it’s enough, balance is the Foundation of the Mage. working with Just 1 side is not being a good thing tô me

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Satan ? Which spirit exactly do you mean , satan is a title

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Than it’s not working with Satan what you did, should banish and use the satanic enochian Keys with the Thaumiel sigil. Normally you experience very high Sex drive, you feel like domina/dominus and the satanic witchery is empowered. Working with Satan is just wonderful

PS: by new practitioners oft satanic magic doesn’t function because maybe you did not banish the sephirot filth? Or abrahamic religions garbage?

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Whatever resonates with you best! If you don’t like working with Satan, then that energy is not for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. :+1:


Or it is “satan” and they simply do not vibe with the energy this ‘satan’ gives off, just as some people have a negative vibe to energies that aren’t compatible with them.

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Be careful… Connect with those you feel comfortable. His name has been altered.

He even told me he doesn’t like to be called that and told me to refer him as “Shaitan” or “Sutekh”.

If you’re seeing him from a religious perspective… You might be calling an egregore.

:crystal_ball: Hope this helps. :crystal_ball:


Sutekh is Set, not Satan, Shaitan is someone else completely as well.