I’m new to all this

Hi I’m new , thanks for having me here. Do you guys know of any basic spells , rituals or anything of that kind so I can meet my daemon ? Or anything so I can witness something cool :sunglasses: thanks

just an fyi, if you introduce yourself and tell others about you and what you want to achieve everyone will be able to help better, it’s also part of the rules


I think sigils are a great starting point for beginners.


Lucifer is good with beginners


“Your Deamon” and “See something cool”?
You’re off to a “great” start.

Post up in the intro thread but also there’s a search feature on this forum, please use it to find spells or research demons.

Also here’s something you should seriously read.


Here ya go. This should help you to get a good foundation for understanding magick.


Hey I’m new here. I see the forum for introducing yourself, but I can’t figure out how to make my own post. Can you please help me figure out how? I see how to post a new topic but not how to make a post in the intro part.
If you can help me I would really appreciate it

there should be a “reply” button right at the bottom of the last post in the thread, along some other buttons that say “bookmark” “share” etc. hopefully i gave you the answer you needed owo

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