I’m new here and to Magick

Hi, you can call me Ares…I first came across this forum last night when it came up in the google search results. I was looking for information on dragon’s blood incense and the invocation of Samael since I got my first incense sticks last night. I don’t have an alter or anything yet. I’m new to practicing Magick, but I know that my thoughts have a tendency to manifest. I have lots of FIRE in my natal chart. Aries sun—cardinal fire, Leo rising—fixed fire, Sagittarius north node—mutable fire. Libra moon. I know Ares is MARS the god of War. Then I learned that Samael is also MARS—the ruler of Aries. So then I started researching who Samael is—and I learned that he is known as the Adversary, Satan, and as Lucifer by some…I feel connected to Samael, because I’m an Aries sun sign…At first it didn’t feel right, because I was so into worshipping the god of the Bible…

I have been trying to invoke Samael, Lucifer, and Lilith for the past week…I did not use any ceremonial Magick, but just some invocations and have been carrying their sigils. I haven’t noticed an overwhelming presence, but all kinds of synchronicities have been occurring and life has been going good… I joined this site to learn more about how Magick works, and to see how I can benefit from it.

For the past 6 years, I have been into studying the Bible, the Old and New Testament. I was studying the Hebrew language as well. About 6 months ago, I started studying “occulted” knowledge for about 8 hours per day. I initially wanted to learn how to do Magick with the Kabbalah, but I got sidetracked and ended up learning about astrology, tarot…I read several books—The Light of Egypt being one of the first books that opened my eyes.

I learned that the entire Bible is really based on Astrology—the word of light. I then recently came to the conclusion that the character of “Jesus” is fiction made up by the Romans to give people a savior, because they are told they can’t save themselves.

I then learned that I am an immortal soul gestating in a temporary body. I learned that I am a god, and that it is my duty to ascend into higher consciousness.

I read a few more books…then I came across Aleister Crowley’s work. I liked what Crowley had to say about the “magical will,” and the law of Thelema. I read the “Book of the Law” for 10 days straight trying to motivate myself to have a really productive year in sales…His books started influencing me to get that motivation back that I had lost over the past few years. While reading some of Crowley’s material, I read a prayer that invoked “the beast.” I felt an euphoric feeling come into me, and it felt like I was going to float to the ceiling…I felt guilty and a little apprehensive at first, because my entire life, I was against the “dark side…

However, I wanted to see if I could invoke or evoke any entities to help me have a productive year in sales, and this is why I was drawn to Crowley’s work.

I then came across some videos on Luciferianism. It appeared that I identified with most of the Luciferian beliefs. Then I became more curious on how Luciferian magic works. Next thing you know, I went from being a Bible toting believer in “the messiah,” to wanting to learn more about all the “forbidden,” things.

I am not into committing evil against anybody or against animals, because I love animals. I just want to learn more…

As stated above, I was led to this site after seeking knowledge about the invocations of Samael, Lucifer, Lilith…It feels as all three have been helping me lately…



In my research and experience with the Archangel Samael, he isn’t a demonic entity, though he is as close as angels come. He is the Satan of Judaism, but not the egregoric Satan of Christianity and Islam (both wrongly consider Satan fallen). In Judaism, Satan is just a title which refers to the angel in charge of accusing men of their sin. In the Tree of Life, the Archangel Samael, the Satan, rules the left hand path of judgment, whereas the Archangel Zadkiel, rules the right hand path of mercy.


Ok, thanks, and nice to meet you. Yeah, Samael is sephirot 5 Genurah on the Pillar of Severity…Also the letter E in the English alphabet is the 5th letter which represents energy, so Samael is no doubt explosive…

I’m still wondering if I should continue learning the Qabalah or if I should focus on other types of Magick…

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Welcome! I won’t lie, this is a long and hard journey that needs dedication, you have many many things to learn and probably you will never stop learning. Lay back and enjoy the ride in the rabbit hole :wink: