I’m new here and need some help

I’m looking for a mentor or teacher who has experience in invocation and evocation. I want to eventually learn to talk to Azazel.

People need to understand this thing isn’t so easy: it is not just, “ok ima teach ya how to talk to spirits”. No!

It’s either you serve yourself by exploring the forum and practice what you see, time to time…or find someone that render the service at a price.


Okay this is the address of the best mentor I know, absolutely free and never takes a day off, make sure to click it before they make me take the info down: link protected.


I clicked to see what you were up to and you did not disappoint :joy:


I never said it easy neither did I want to learn everything today I’m kinda looking for someone that can kinda guide in the right direction. If u couldn’t help me for wat I asked for don’t say anything. Thanks for your input, nice to meet u, but hop off my dick

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Dang it, I missed it.

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But we’ve been waiting for your… no, never mind.

Look seriously though, the search function on here and the whole forum are the best mentor you can find, so hit the search up for some terms then come back to us if you need to ask for explanations or anything, but someone emtnoring you live, free, is unlikely, and to be honest I’d be wary of the motives of anyone who sees your post and just offers, for no reason. :man_shrugging:

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You should understand that you’re not the first to put up a post like this, and many get no response. So that’s it.

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I’m sorry, I kinda read what u were saying, I wasn’t using my brain when I gave my response. I understand what u were saying and what u are saying now @luxfero and that reply wasn’t meant for you @Lady_Eva. I’m truly sorry for my ignorance.

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I see what you did there. Lolol

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On this path it seems uncertainty, and discomfort are the best mentors. Work with them and soon anything less intimidating then them gets worked around easier.

The search function is cool but requires work. So I dunno.

Also sign up for the lottery:
“Give me everything with no trials, or just hard enough but not too hard, also my ex back”

Sorry if I sounds like a dick I’m doing shadow work and my spiritual advisors has yet to tell me the next step in the process. So I’m going to sit around and do nothing in hopes that everything falls into place :innocent::call_me_hand:

If you type “How to invoke” with the search function something may come up. But do not bother, all the really profound magick is hidden in plane site.

Plain sight***

Here’s everything you ever wanted served on a silver platter. Thank us later.

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