I’m looking for a demon

So I would like to know any specific demons that you know that can teach pretty much any skill you’d like to learn, if there is any, like I don’t mean demon that can you a specific skill I mean a demon that has the ability to teach you any skill you want to learn? I am sure there is someone out there that can do this thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Like one single demon with the ability teach you literally any skill you’d want to learn

Now I’m sure there is forum posts already but I cant seem to find that one demon with array of possibilities to teach you any skill in existence that you want to learn, that would be very interesting

Bael perhaps? Because in my book it says he can help you with knowledge pertaining to all things

Purson is said to answer any question🤔

It might help to narrow down maybe attributes you want to enhance. Say, the ability to learn faster or adaptability, retain knowledge better, get physically stronger, et cetera because that’s kind of a nuanced topic to tackle. There’s not really an end-all be-all for any sort of entity unless its within certain subjects.

From there, it’ll probably be easier to find a demon better suited to your needs.

Ok so I guess I could ask a specific demon to help me learn faster or more efficiently that should work too

King Paimon can help you with learning new things faster than you’d normally would

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Oh I see, he kept calling out to me but I looked at his office and I was like hm? So wdym by learn faster so understand knowledge a lot easier perhaps?

Like take it in a lot easier?

Yeah, like that basically. When I worked with King Paimon, a “side effect” was that I learned everything a lot faster than usual. Studies became easier and my thinking was a lot faster than usual.
I’d definately look into King Paimon, if you want knowledge

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Interesting I have worked with him before in the past so I think I’ll definitely consider him

You might be interested in the method in the Ars Notoria, which is designed to help you learn a difficult subject very quickly.

The Glitch Bottle has a couple of interviews with Dr Stephen Skinner talking about it in detail:

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Yes I am aware, I think I’ll go with king paimon definitely cause I worked with him before

Or Vapula