I’m back, (thread for curses)

Hello balg! I’m back from a very unneeded hiatus and I am overjoyed to be getting back on track with my magickal journey. My absence has been due to unfortunatley a not very good romantic relationship.
Being so absorbed in that bullshit totally halted me from a very important goal of mine, increasing my magical strength.
To be honest I truly am outraged with the lies from the other and really do wish to curse him for hurting me.
The main goal of this post really is if anyone has had a similar experience and if they used a curse aaand what it was, I’m really interested to hear haha.
Thanks for any replies and honestly I’m glad to be back haha


It wasn’t really a “curse” per se, but I got SO angry with my ex that I wished he’d lose his job. I just kept telling myself for around an hour, “Bxxxxxx should be fired and never be able to find a good job again.” He got fired less than a week later. It freaked me out because I was NOT intending to actually cause that, I was just so angry in that moment and I think that rage causes super fast manifestations. Seriously, true anger has been my key for getting what I want. Sucks it doesn’t work for love stuff lol but all I can say is embrace your rage, harness your rage, and you WILL get what you ask for.


ahhahha good post I haven’t have much need for curses
except this one time I lived in a house with other people, I decided to left the house because of the fights and the betrayal.
the day I left I draw an specific portal (related to a powerful ally I have), I draw it with ashes and my own fluids (not blood haha) it was spontaneous at that time, but i think the portal became stronger because of my presence in the fluids (i relate the ashes to the fire of anger).
so I left it there and I went to live in another place, first thing i did then is to go to the nearest source of sewer waters I found, not far from the other house where I went to live, and I draw the portal in the ground, I put all my rage all my negative thoughts trough it so they would come out from the other side.
I channeled all my negative energies in just one word wishing them to drown in the “swamp” with only that word in mind, constantly repeating it in my head.
when I felt empty of those nasty feelings, I stoped, I realized I was more calm, then I erased the portal on the ground. and got home.

the guys in the house didn’t last for much longer, they all moved out, and they don’t even see each other now, cause they all started to argue with each other, and to let’s say, drown on every one else shit. the funny thing is that the toilets in that house began to malfunction and they were flooded with toilet waters and every time they tried to repair them, they flooded again. they didn’t have toilets in quite a long while, they have to use toilets of other people or worse. they didn’t have money to pay some plumber or something so they were stuck in this shit for more than a month.

meanwhile the girl who went to live at my room, became totally insane as some have told me, I have asked in what way, but people avoid the subject, the only thing they tell me is she lost her mind, and she became a great problem in the house. to add more shit to the swamp…

the other thing was I left some mirrors in the house, after using the portal, whenever I felt upset about the situation, I channeled my negative thoughts trough any of my other mirrors projecting them to the ones I left in the house, in a way to undermine their reflections on each other.

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This is a quick and easy one (pretty fun, too).

Get some brown paper lunch bags and cut them so they are into pieces of paper you can write on. Like in half. Then write the target’s name and birthday on them along with, “have a shitty life”. When you go #2, wipe with it and flush it down the toilet. You can use toilet paper, but it’s kind of hard to write on.

It’s quick, easy and kind of fun. And you can always find the materials you need to do it. Enjoy!


In the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons there are several different mischievous curses from causing stomach ailments to acne, losing their job, accidents, constant misfortune etc.

Welcome back & be sure to focus more on self improvement unless he’s harassing you still.


I don’t worry about when or how when I do it. I just imagine all things bad happening. And they have. I usually don’t find out until much later, though.


Oh my gosh thank you! Haha
I rlly love easy spells like that, I’ll have to do it

Thank you! I’ll look into reading that book soon, it sounds interesting

Is it possible to accidentally curse someone.
Like someone you can’t stand that you deal with or think about daily in a very hateful, negative way.
Can prolonged negative focus on one person affect them?

Everything you think, do and feel goes out into the universe. The more energy you give it, the power it will have. So yes, you can cause things to happen to someone by thinking negatively about them.

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As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the forum, this is my new favourite book. I am getting great results from it. A few weeks ago, I did the curse ritual to cause disease which brings ugliness on a nightmare at work. She is already plain looking but I saw her a few days ago at the work Christmas party and boy was she’s looking rough. I noticed she had more red, inflamed skin than before and several boils. Job done. :sunglasses:


OMG, please share that one. Building up my library is taking time.

I need someone dead

You can get it on Amazon. It’s Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose.

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does it count if I inadvertedly did it? if so then i have a few really funny experiences with cursing ex´s of mine . let me just say the power of the subconcious is POWERFUL

I know, I am going to order it at soon as I can. I guess I have to wait until then.