I’m arnold

I’m a luciferian but I keep it to myself
I like sumoning demons and I did 20 todayy

This is not a proper introduction. It tell us nothing.

How old are you?

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

Well there you go!
And welcome!


22 year ol I’m new no experience
Worshiping lucifer
Bad at everthing I hav no experience with everything

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Hey Arnold!


Helo sory english bad


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Thank you

I practice sumoning demons of ars goeta and I chant the names twenty times per demon so today I sumon 20 demons

You do know that enns don’t “summon” demons, right?

So, no, you did not summon 20 demons today.

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I don’t understand what did I do then? Is twenty enoug? Enough

Enns simply call forth the energy of the demon. By themselves, they don’t actually summon anything. That’s why they are generally used as part of a larger ritual within demonalatry.

By chanting an enn, you are energising the environment to make it conducive to the appearance of the demon. However, you still have to actually call for the demon to show up.

So i hav to see the demon first befor asking what I want? Of if I hear voices?

You have to call the demon.

Gaze at the seal, chant the enn until you slip into an altered state and the seal opens , and then call for the demon to come forth.

After my chanting I never ask a demon to come in I just go straight to the point sory abt that