I love Och. Thank you Och

Och is a great sun olympic spirit who has helped me on many levels. He has done many things for me. Thank you Och. Thank you thank you so much. I love you’ve done for me. I appreciate you. Thank you also to Archangel Michael.

Here are some examples of what he can do for you.

  • Bring confidence
  • Become charming and charismatic to win admiration and respect from others - To achieve your ambitions
  • Gain a stable sense of identity and become comfortable in who you are.
  • To bring a state of enlightened inspiration where new ideas flow freely
  • To attain positions of authority
  • Bring about a change in circumstances leading to the attraction of great wealth.

Thank you Och I give you public praise in light of all you’ve done for me. Research how to best work with Och. You know what is best for you. Hope all is well many blessings. Also, I would like to thank Archangel Michael for making this all possible. I love you Archangel Michael. I hope to do right by you everyday. Hope you are all well.


Thank you Och. Here is one way to work with him. It may resonate. It may not. Again this is literally just for convenience sake. Figure out what works for you. What resonates for you. Hope all is well.

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Or this way. Depends on you. And how you see fit.

Many blessings have a happy day! Use what resonates for you

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Again thank you Archangel Michael!