I love living!

I want to live life to the fullest and have a genuine experience of life as a mortal human. I enjoy good food. I love a good game. Good jokes amuse me. Heck, even terrible jokes amuse me. Even the bad times are great because it’s better than being too dead to enjoy life. I also love that I can enjoy the occult experiences that I have had, no matter how crazy or scary or terrifying, because at least it’s a genuine experience instead of pointless philandering and blind servitude.

Tell me, why do you guys love life?


Because its fix able :thinking:

What do you mean by ‘fix able’? That any bad situation can be fixed? Some situations don’t have clean solutions to them, but it’s still worth experiencing it. Life is messy, and can be hard, but it’s still great!


just the hope that some things can be fixed makes it a little better.

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Ah, the it can always get better standby.

Life is good, even when not, so chin up fair lady, and get it while it’s hot


Reality in for people who can’t face drugs.



NY or Chicago style?

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I thought there would be a complicated explanation but I think I incarnated as a human for the simple reason I like being human. There were certain experiences I wanted to have as a human that I couldn’t have otherwise.

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Life’s wonderful, and why would so many spirits want to be present on this plane, share our senses, be called into tangible form, if it wasn’t? :smiley: