I love king paimon , I want to communicate (intro)

I love king paimon and it’s TRUE,
I want to communicate with him and I want him in my soul ,
I am from india and my name is Abhishek Mitra .
I’f anyone can contact with him please give him my massage, he is my god , my king . And I want him in my soul .
I don’t know how to contact with him , pls guide me , I am Indian that’s why my English is very bad sorry.

Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick?

Yes in 26 December I burn candle , I made sigil of king Lucifer and My king paimon and cut my finger and drop my blood on sigil.

It’s unlikely people will do your work for you, when they know that doesn’t help you grow. It serves you better to learn to do it yourself.


I suggest you find someone else to deify, like yourself. I dunno if he wants to be treated like a god. Oh wait, he doesn’t. But I do suggest you contact him.

Look up “How do I invoke” or similar things in the search feature.

Thank u Soo much ,