I love Black Magic!

No particular reason.I just love being so incredibly awesome,and have the power to do anything,even use White Magic,and I love knowing stuff no one else knows and doing stuff no one else can,like…starting a storm on a sunny day!Or some other useless display of pwoer,that could be better be used to make my life even more awesome!

Hell yeah! :smiley:

But most things in life that make us happy, like eating or sex, are hard-wired to reward us because they’re what we’re MEANT to do (and drugs and crap just hijacks those same pathways) - and look at little kids, how active they are, they don’t need to set motivational reminders to go to the gym and do a bare minimum of physical exercise because (like dogs) they know being active feels good.

So yeah, I love this too, I think it’s because it’s like being allowed at last to unfold out wings and fly after years of being in stupid little bird cages, where we’re supposed to sing our birdie songs of praise, about how wonderfully upright the fucking bars are… :wink: