I lost my house. I need help

We got evicted yesterday, I lost my home, in a way I lost everything, it was so unfair and I am suffering so much, my lawyer won’t even hand over the case briefs, and keeps on delaying, I dong have access to any of my magical items, books, incense anything, I need to legally get back into the house I spent my childhood in, please help me, there are provisions in the law for making it happen, but I need the briefs and the resources to make it happen, please help me, I am keeping it together but I don’t know what to do and I doubt I can do a ritual now, all I can do is meditate, I don’t have my books or anything else. Please if I lose this, I lose everything.

First off, if you really want to fix this, silence that shit. Your mind is the primo thing standing in the way of tearing your reality apart and building it. So shut that up and remove the doubt.

Secondly, the fact that all you can do is meditate is perfect, because again, you need that state of silence to do anything. You’re going to want to involve Belial and King Paimon. Tell them everything. Start doing spells. If you don’t have a job, I suggest doing so. Bith can help with that too.

Third, when you shut your brain up, expand your awareness to the world. In the next breath, pour all your attention into the action. The once the action is performed, release it and let it go.


Do I just think of them and meditate? I can’t think clearly, my mind is abuzz with all manner of thoughts, I can do it right now but what exactly do I do?

Don’t think, just do. It’s situations exactly like this that separates the sorcerer from the crowd. Because it teaches you to rely on yourself and nothing else.

Meditate and evoke them. Tell them everything and ask for their help. You don’t need tools or any of that.

All right I’m gonna do it right now. king Belial first and then King Paimon.

Best of luck. Remember what I said.

I will and thanks.

There is a BaglaMukhi Mantra which IS PERFECT for this kind of situation, Legal problem and in situations when one feels completely helpless. All U have to do is memorize it and keep chanting ( while doing work or sitting in the park ) it. SPECIALLY BEFORE THE COURT HEARING.

If interested, let me know. Will PM U.

I am interested, the thing is I need there to be another court hearing, I need the briefs from my lawyer, will the mantra help? I am a Bengali by the way.


Edit :- Hindu Bangali or Muslim Bangali??? :confused:

Sweets, I’ll back you and do some work for you,because I can relate and solved a issue if the same matter ,but you simply must not panic. Resolve and provide the energy. Since this is a personal matter you are welcome to DM me and discuss it further.

Hindu Bengali

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Yes please help me

I lost my home as well just a month ago. My entire apartment’s roof collapsed in and thank goodness my son and I weren’t there to experience that. We live at my parents house now. We had gotten a lawyer as well because our lanlords refused to answer our calls and give our deposit and money back for our losses. They’re in deep turds anyways. I am sorry for your loss also…times are tough, but we need to get through it somehow.

I’m glad you and your son are safe, me and my grandmother were evicted even though we have nowhere to go and she is 83 years old, in West Bengal India things are terrible, I want, I need my home back

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That’s awful really do hope you get your home back.

I would love to use the mantra. I’m new here and can’t pm yet, so I thought I’d ask you for it this way.
Thank you.

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I am also new to this and would like to learn more as I am going through something similar but hoping to overcome it before its too late. Any help is much appreciated. I am in desperate need of saving my home. Thank you all in advance for your help.