I live in London and have always had an interest in the Occult

Hello and thanks for welcoming me


Welcome. Do you have any experience at all? What are your interests?

Saying Hi all the way from Texas. Nice to meet you. Welcome. What interest you the most about it?

I guess, the unknown and unseen aspect of it all.

I have little or no experience apart from information I have read. I am interested in angelic beings and one day would aspire to invoke them.


Fair enough. Be sure to use both the search function and the tutorials. It’ll help cut down on misinformation (and plain old mistakes we all make).

Thanks a lot for your advice

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Welcome @kandu

Where are you from?

What brings you to BALG?

I have to tease you because I :two_hearts: you. It says in the title :joy:

Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Oops, I didn’t see that. My only excuse is I have just woken up and am still groggy :joy:

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I figured that that’s why I had to tease you.

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Welcome :blush:

Thank you. Will do.

London. Lol

Have been searching for occult knowledge as I have always had an interest/fascination.

Thank you

Hello welcome I am also from london :slight_smile: are you new or experience?

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Greetings! You’ll find a lot of interesting info here.