I know I'm always here to ask help 😁

There’s an entity draining me paralyzed me making me depressed seems also raping me I say that because there some sort of vibration getting into two private part down there I wake up every morning with certain white thing coming out on my Pxxx there are times I feel lustful and after self satisfaction i feel refreshed but cant help but to satisfy myself sometimes cold breeze I feel on my lips or cheeks…I also feel vibrations on my body even I’m lying on bed or even anywhere and my P gets wet alone…They said might be Djinn or Incubi…

Because of feeling drained,sleepy depression I forgot my altar lying on bed and always sleeping…
I gave my skull statue to another devotee and buy a new one and cleanse my altar with florida water holy water then I take a bath with basil,hyssop,rue after putting clothes I sage the area perform the banish and protection illumination on Ben Woodcraft then start

1 our father
3 hail mary
1 glory be

Then prayed AA Michael Prayer and light candle and put it on top of amparo card that I made

Perform Kabbalistic Cross

Then ask God permission to evoke her
Then proceed offering water,incense,candle

Then proceed to Novena

But when doing so I start sort of slight pain into right side of my head but only few seconds/minutes…

Then after my novena I sleep i woke up 3am her candle still lit I was checking my fb then a little slight bang on her altar…

I keep continue Santa Muerte Novena 3rd day I think I dream of having sex with a young boy then
Also I dream of a bone figure wearing crown

Am I dealing with a trickster or I’m working with her and trickster interrupts please help me to answer and I don’t have divination tools yet…

Someone told me I have toxic dark cord on my aura his trying to help sending me reiki healing but the vibrations on my down there still keeps going and I still feel drained,dizzy,sleepy and sometimes paralyzed and partially possessed…

Please help what that’s attacking me and if Santa Muerte is I work with and if there anything you can assist me with thanks

Sounds like sleep paralysis. Maybe you should go to the doctor and have a sleep study done.

I know what I’m experiencing and burping amount of certain amount of energy and I know this even being drained being possessed suddenly being sleepy and even my body vibrates like a phone hearing voices in my head nah it’s not I come back in forth in the hospital found none