I know and I don't know

I know theres a lot of people that come to this forum because they’re new to whatever path they chose and they want help with understanding things. There’s also a few that have actual experience and knowledge.

I can’t say I’m new anymore, I’ve been on site for maybe less than a year. I’ve performed evocations, successfully and unsuccessfully. Still haven’t developed my astral senses. I’ve listened to book of Azazel a few times. I’ve denounced the christian faith and have accepted Lucifer, Leviathan, Lilith and Azazel in my life as I invoke them daily. I have been meditating, or trying to meditate daily for a few weeks now. Before I just didn’t make time to do it as I didn’t see how important it actually is.

I’ve had dreams where I was in what I believe is hell; no I wasn’t burning in torment. I was either having a good time with friends over beer or conducting business.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lived 30+years as christian and my mind still has the grooves or if it’s because I’m being called by heaven, but for some reason I feel conflicted. It hurts my feelings because I am actively working to grow closer with my chosen 4. Not because I’m anti christian, but because they have shown me great kindness and I appreciate them.

I feel myself growing. Things are happening to me that I don’t yet understand. This is all good. But the conflict in my mind and in my heart confuses and hurts me. As I’ve said I have successfully evoked before. I know it was successful just because, I know. But, I dont yet have the senses to see hear or understand what is being said to me so, my questions go unanswered for the most part.

I don’t expect anyone to answer my questions. I’m just wondering if anyone is willing to either scan me, or talk with my higher self or even speak with Lucifer, Leviathan, Lilith or Azazel for me? I know people don’t like doing this and I get it. But after last night and this morning I just feel like I need to ask this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration and energy.

Be blessed

When I scanned you, the imagery of chains came very quickly. They appeared tough, but worn with age. They were drawn into a fire and heat as they were pulled apart. As the tension and the heat grew, the metal glowed and weakened, starting to bend. With one final pull, it broke apart, becoming nothing more than shards of metal.

Conflict is a part of growth, whether it is external or internal. Many times, there is a price for that growth, whether it is strictly the effort or something that has held you back. You spent decades with a particular mindset, or approach to life if you will, and when you go to change that as you, the conflict is going to arise. It is part of the process and from the ashes of the past, one rises. Perhaps sitting with that conflict in mediation will help you come to terms with it, or find a particular aspect of the old mindset that is getting in the way. You could also look into rituals that might approach this directly such as JD Temple’s Reverse Baptism (if I recall the name correctly).


Thanks man. I appreciate that. Someone else has told me that I seemed to be chained or tied up. I will continue to work with Azazel on breaking these chains. Thank you again for your energy and attention.

Be blessed

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You’re welcome, it was no problem at all. Good luck and may you be blessed as well.

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