I keep thinking about death

Whenever I’m alone I keep thinking about death and it disturbs me , no matter how many spirits I invoke / evoke , I can’t pinpoint on what it is (or can’t find/name that certain feeling) that makes me worry , I know I have to be in the social community as much as possible but even my friends don’t know about me having this problem . I keep balg like my secret hideout (lol sounds stupid sorry) and it has been like that since I started magick , can anyone help please

i think about death too. To the disrespectful noisy neighbor disturbing my peace and quiet and the noisy homeless too. It’s really a problem. If they just drop dead and go away. it would be solved. lol. I’m not worried cuz i use it as energy source to power up my magick. good practice experiement.


Hahahaha XD, might try that one out though

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Thoughts of your own mortality are normal. I think this is a naturally occurring subject that rides to our conscious mind from the subconscious.

I talked to my patron Daemon recently about it and he assured me death isn’t the end. It’s the start of a new journey.

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Ah cool thanks for sharing , having to talk with someone especially through supernatural means will assure you best IMO !

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It’s possible the current calling you into it,beside death is about transcending it do not mean you stop existencing.

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Every single human alive, at some point has thought of death. It’s inevitable, and the one thing we don’t have control over. Sure you can live healthy, treat diseases and increase your life expectancy - but you can’t avoid death. It’s as natural as life.

How you feel about death will largely depend on your upbringing, and personal beliefs. I personally, believe that death is change - not the end. However everyone believes different things.


Yeah man! To me it’s the jump off point to a new life. I hope me and Prince Orobas can ride through the astral together in search of new adventures and exotic locations. I want to see the Infernal empire, Djinnistan, the elemental kingdoms, the lower and upper astral. The heavens…

Death probably feels like getting doused with a bucket of cold water exhilarating and refreshing after a bit of a jolt.

That and I’ll probably get to see family and friends that passed on before me. I’ve seen plenty of death in my life and I agree that death is as natural as life. I.e. nothing to worry about.