I keep seeing Zeus

Hi guys,

I keep seeing a mental image of Zeus/Jupiter since yesterday but I’m also seeing him right now as I am typing this. And my right ear is ringing too. I know he’s trying to approach me and wanting to help me out. Because I’m in a tight financial situation right now. I’m literally skint after losing my job and I’m worried about how I can pay my monthly instalments on my new phone I recently brought 1 or 2 months ago. And how I’m going to buy groceries and how my brother is able to pay our housing bills off since he lost his job too. It’s just that I don’t have experience working with him accept from his daughter Aphrodite who I’m currently working with at the moment. Could anyone please advise me how to work with Zeus/Jupiter and what’s his likes and dislikes. Plus I looked him up in the search engine of BALG but I didn’t think it was enough information for me. Thanks much appreciated.

Sima :sparkling_heart:

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While this should help, you’re better off working with him directly and learning from him rather than someone else giving you second hand information because Zeus may treat you differently than another and tell you different things from another.


Thanks. I was thinking he probably approaches differently to different people.

You can reach out to all of them (meditation, rituals etc.) See what happens. One thing that may happen, you may not like. In my case, I did a full week dedicated to my situation and did not get answers. But I received an offer from a source I did not reach out to at all. I didn’t take the offer but I think I could have gotten what I wanted.

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