I keep getting sexual advances

After finishing my alter and meditating with it about gaining higher knowledge and prosperity all of a sudden I have women throwing themselves at me, last night I had to push a lady off me 5 times. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong, do you think that adding the Thoth tarot to my alter released it’s sexual energy into my life? Any advice on how to get hot women to stop trying to fuck me it’s very distracting when I’m not on the market.


Sorry but I had to laugh.
You describe the exact opposite problem to that of half the people on here :rofl:

I hope you get the answers you are looking for btw.


I noticed that a lot of people here have the opposite problem, I’ve never had lady issues and I’m not hot at all. I got into magic for the higher knowledge and money, but all I get is knowledge and pussy thrown at me. She was tempting too, I almost gave in.


Haha well, when you do find out what your problem is then then perhaps you should bottle it and sell it??
You could make a ton of money out of that !! lol :joy::joy:


You should have just gone for it. Clearly your magick wanted it to happen.

Since i started to work with King Paimon, women are looking to be different and coming to me. I’m not interesses in these futiles things. So i understand you

Please, don’t try to emulate Master Therion’s sex life, do what he said, not what he did. Jokes aside, I think that deep inside of you, you want those women more than you want the others things that you consciously say you want, and whatever you are working with is aware of that and grants you your deepest desires. The opposite happened to me when I was younger, I struggled to get women with magick and manifested money instead, how frustrating! :laughing:

Paimon is my decan lol.

Maybe if I quench some of these ladies sexual desire’s it might lead me into money somehow. I can’t be getting these opportunities for nothing.

Hell. Enjoy it and have fun

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You should discuss those topics with the forces that are helping you. Maybe they are giving you what you need now and later they will give you other things. I can only speak according to my experience, and in my experience, demons have a tendency to give you stuff when you need it, and sometimes before you need it, and months later you say “oh, that’s why I had to watch that movie!”. So, your process may develop or change.


Mine is gremory

So you’re the first 10 degrees of Capricorn.


They could be Sugar Mommas with a bank account that looks like a phone number?


So you’re the two of pentacles, the Queen of pentacles, the devil, the world, ace of swords, and Princess of Swords.


Perhaps you higher self thinks you require more carnal knowledge? Or if I can ask, do you want wealth so that you could be good with females? or is your idea of wealth having lots of girls? everybody has different idea’s about what it is to be prosperous. Perhaps you require some play in order to loosen up so you can learn better…

And this is a problem, how?

I can’t even get one woman to approach me sexually and you’re complaining. Find a way to spread some of that energy around or send them my way.


Are you homosexual that you perceive women trying to jump you as a negative experience? :thinking:

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