I just want to Thank everyone here 😊

@Greecya well done!!! I’m really happy you didn’t stop!!

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Hahaa thank youuu dear :blush: yea indeed, i was always attracted by apocryphism till eventually i found this forum :v::black_heart:


If we could all read the Bible, the Torah, exc. in original languages, there would be detailed information on invoking “demons”. Along with sex magic, Witchcraft, drug use and then some.

Christianity is a multifaceted religion.

It is good you have found a place, Little Sister.



Οh how many Greeks here :joy:
helloo Diogeni!! Nice to be here indeed… one if the interesting and meaningful corners of the internet :grin::sparkles::sparkles:

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Blessings upon you, child. If you have need of a Tarot reading hit me up, it’s my specialty.

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Just greek from my soul
as my spiritual roots belongs to the ancient times
And as my religious task with hellenisms (from past lives) was activated very early in my life on a planetary transit on my natal Jupiter retrograde…

Anyway I’m just glad you post this, I feel quite happy for you, and for everyone opening their eyes to a higher truth than just material life…

May the Gods look at you with favorable eyes, so you may awaken all your powers once again.


@Teodoro_Fortunato So wise and kind words :two_hearts: im so glad to hear that you are so connected with the Greek tradition :blush:
If you ever need any help with translating Greek feel free to ask me anytime :smile:


Great post

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Good Morning!

Or rather, it is morning where I am, and it seems to be a beautiful day. And, I am about to make myself more coffee.

So, let me see. I have blessed and said a prayer of protection over the readings, anointed with grounding oils, and placed crystals around the reading to focus and protect energies. I use the Rider-Waite deck, if you wish to research anything. I performed two Celtic Crosses, which gives a glance at the circumstances of an issue, but details will require a different lay of the cards.

So, the first drawing was focused on Greece.

  1. The situation of the Seeker. You drew a five of swords. The swords are cards that depict the power of Air, and can signify the Air signs of the Zodiac, such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. At the best, they will cut away things which no longer serve you so that you can grow and heal, but often, the cutting is rather painful.

The five of swords is a painful card. It reflects bullying and unfair competition. There is a lack of respect for human dignity reflected in the five of swords that is upsetting and awful.

  1. The second position are the obstacles faced by the Seeker. You drew the nine of wands, reversed. Reversed cards are ill-dignified or blocked energies involving a situation. Wands are the suit of growth, passion and commerce. Wands can represent the fire signs of the Zodiac, so at times, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries can be represented by wands. Swords and wands are very quick moving energies, as well. You drew the Lord of Strength, or the nine of wands, reversed. The nine of wands means abdicating a position after holding onto it out of being stubborn and proud. There is a sense that the Seeker may have just held onto the position simply because, but not because the position was really wanted toward the end. Boundaries are not being protected, but due to not caring enough to protect them, not due to inability.

  2. The influence of a Higher Power. The Major Arcana, the Wheel of Fortune. Majors denote very powerful forces at work. The Wheel of Fortune simply means that luck is on your side ate the moment.

  3. What the Seeker possesses. You drew a seven of swords, reversed…the seven of swords and the five of swords are not very good cards to draw in a situation. The five and seven denote cheating and prejudice and unfair competition, lying, bullying and harassment. The seven of swords is often an unwise attempt to take what does not belong to you, but whoever is trying to act unfairly, Greecya-this person will be caught and exposed. The reversal of the seven of swords usually means that whoever is trying to steal will be found out because the person will lose track of his/her lies.

  4. Recent past. The King of Wands. The King of Wands is athletic, handsome and charismatic. He is a successful businessman. This is a card of success and enterprise in the upright.

  5. Near future. The ten of cups. Cups refer to water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The cups represent love, emotion, creativity and healing, empathy and psychic abilities. The ten of cups is the perfection of domestic happiness and tranquility. Ten denotes the end of a cycle, as well.

  6. The Seeker. This card represents you, Greecya. You drew the Major Arcana, Judgement. Judgement means finding your purpose, listening to your inner voice, and then following it. It is a card of rebirth and spiritual awakening, and karmic retribution. Those who have wronged you will be exposed, and all deeds, good and bad alike, will be brought out to light.

  7. The environment. The eight of cups. The eight of cups is a spiritual journey. you have been unhappy and not contented with the material, and sensed that there was something missing my friend…but yes, you will find what you have sought. You will seek and find what you feel that you have been spiritually lacking.

  8. Hopes/Fears. The six of cups, reversed. It can, in more sinister meanings, suggest third party interference or a person from your past returning. Most of the time, it means memories from the past coming to haunt the seeker.

  9. Outcome. The two of pentacles. Pentacles are a slow moving, grounded energy. The pentacles are the earth, Zodiac signs such as Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus and represent wealth, luxury, and domestic situations. These are the cards of career and work and skill, and they denote effort, investment and above all-patience. The pentacles mean that you will reap exactly as you sow, and with time and wise investment and patience, you will have worldly success. The pentacle you drew is the two of pentacles. The two of pentacles means a choice. You are juggling two different things, but successfully, despite difficulty. In the Rider-Waite deck, the pentacles seen in the card are bound by a green rope. The green rope is representative of Karmic Law. You will be rewarded for your deeds and efforts. The good that you have done in your life has not gone unnoticed, and there will be a choice of reward, so pray you, choose wisely.

And now the Celtic Cross for A!

  1. The Situation. The King of Swords, reversed. The King of Swords reversed denotes prejudice, coldness, apathy and cruelty. The King of Swords is an expert, and a professional, and a person of authority. He can be a mentor, but abrupt, harsh and most draconian in the reverse.

  2. Obstacles. The four of pentacles, reversed. The reversed four of pentacles can mean that the Seeker is having difficulties finding a position to hold onto, and financially, things may be very difficult. There may be problems securing work and financial security.

  3. Influences of a Higher Power. Major Arcana card, the Tower. In a reading, the Tower denotes destruction, grief and loss. It is a reflection of the story of the Tower of Babel from the old testament. Many people fear this card, as it brings emotional pain and suffering. The Tower means that foundations which seemed secure, will be destroyed. The foundations, in reality, were not secure, but weak, and were based on sand, not solid rock. Painful and difficult, old foundations will be destroyed, wrongs will be righted, and new, strong and solid foundations will be built. Patience and self kindness are to be stressed. Learn, as difficult as it is, with kindness.

  4. What the Seeker possesses. The two of pentacles, reversed. Reversed, the two of pentacles is an inability to keep a balance in the life of the Seeker. All life must maintain a balance. This card can also mean that Karmic Law has been invoked.

  5. Recent past. Major Arcana, the Empress, reversed. The Empress is the great mother, and sensitive to her family and home. She is beautiful and revered. In the reverse, the Empress has failed to nurture something and has ignored the care of a situation that is important. Self care and patience and self inspection are advised when the Empress shows herself reversed.

  6. Near future. The Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is a healer and an empath, kind, loving and generous. She has a psychic ability and knows by feeling.

  7. The Seeker. The four of wands, reversed. This card is the Minor Arcana’s reflection of the Tower when reversed. The reversed four of wands is a failure to place down basic foundations, cancellations and delays and plans failing.

  8. The environment. The King of Wands. Success, enterprise and commerce.

  9. Hopes/Fears. Major Arcana, the Star. The Star is hope, but also loss and vulnerability. The Star also means healing after great pain, and bitter disappointment. In the Tarot, she has literally survived the clutches of the Devil and is now free, but recovering.

  10. Outcome. The nine of wands. Strength, stamina and perseverance. Your goal is nearly in sight, and it has been a difficult battle. You have defended your boundaries, but at a cost.

Finally, I end this reading with my blessing upon you. Greecya, may you be protected, may you find the joy and love that you seek. Keep your heart and your eyes open. May you go in peace, and have peace also.



Whaaat an analysis, what a reading… :sparkles::sparkles:
Thank you so much for this
dearest @diogenes :yellow_heart::purple_heart:
Im gonna pm you the rest of the reply, I dont think the forum is interested in this :slightly_smiling_face: