I just want to have a friendly conversation with Belial, to gain a friendship PLEASE RESPOND

i just want to be friends before i make offers i am also a newbie and i dont know if this requires an offer just to talk to him and i also want to know will Belial try to test me since i am a newbie and all?

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Look up “beginner tutorials” in the search bar. There are a lot of ways to go about this.


ok thank you for your response i will try this

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Bro. There are others who might want friendly conversation. The yokeless one is not that. He will punk you out, if you can even make contact, just because he’s mean like that.


If he punk you out. you deserve it. lol. where do people get ideas that demons want to be friends. ?


The punk you out made me laugh so hard.

But I agreed Belial doesn’t really come across as a chatter. He has very angry energy to him. When he comes to me and I am I standing up I feel like he is tackling me. I don’t know how
Many times it felt like I was going to fall on my ass.

If you want a friend I would start with one that wants to do that. I can’t think of many demons off the top of my head that want to just chat though.


Vassago is a chatter and very friendly

He will probably test you according to your level and state… Not Sth off the charts. You scared of being tested? I won’t discourage you from contacting him… He may see potential in you and be interested… Better find out on your own

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If you’re starting I would suggest to go to Lucifer first. He’s more gentle and will teach you everything you need before doing to Belial.

And before going al chatty with any of the deities, go slow. Imagine if a stranger calls you at midnight out of the blue just to tell you They want to be friends with you. Weird, right? Stabling a relationship. Research and meditate on them first, then do a ritual to introduce yourself. After you get to know them and they get to know you better, communication will flow. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

Good luck!


I have to agree to a point on this :joy: There is some that LOVE to have a good chat, some that like to chat but are more so interested in intellectual conversation and then there are those that basically don’t want you to evoke them just because you want to chat with them. But also keep in mind that everyone’s relationship to that being will be different.

But a few I know enjoy a good chat or at least doesn’t mind me talking to them is; Asmodeus, he seems to not mind me calling on him and having a chat every so often with him especially when I give him a little something, Balphamet, he is still kinda a unknown to me but based on what I got, he never once complained about me just talking to him. In fact every since I stated to talk to him more our connection has deepen. I feel he doesn’t mind me chatting to him but especially questions most likely because it is contributing to wisdom and knowledge. Lucifer and Lilith are both grate listeners. They will listen to you if you go up to them and would like to get to know them or have a question.

But so far in my experiences the closer the bond/relationship you have to a being, to more open they would be to things. Not everyone is just wanting to hear what I call just chatter, but if you invest in a relationship properly, most of them will open up and wouldn’t mind hearing you out. But if you are just looking for some one to just talk to, I definitely do not suggest Belial lol

Belial can be your ally but never your friend