I just want him out of my life for good

So, at this point I have tried everything and he is FUCKING BACK AGAIN.

It’s 11:00pm my kid and I were asleep and I straight up through someone broke into my house. It was just my ex husband using his key to let himself in since the woman he has been leeching off of since Nov. kicked his dead beat ass out.

I need ideas on how to get this POS out of here. Thankfully the dog doesn’t bark… but now I wished he bit Holes into people. My kid has no clue he is here and I hope I this parasite is out of here before he does more damage to him.

I am in a foul ass mood now.

Can y’all give me ideas of how to ride myself, my kid and my Home of this leech?

Everything I have tried hasn’t worked.


Can’t you communicate? that your divorce and no longer together? And that your no longer in each other’s lives. Divorcing means not interacting with each other or be in each other’s lives. He don’t understand what divorce mean? Tell him that he’s no longer welcome or should interact with you. It means you folks part ways and that he should go live his own life without each other.

Restraining order?

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Search under Effectively Cursing a Narcissist, it was designed by me for a narcissist, but can be used on anyone who is causing you a serious problem.


This sounds like a personal problem with someone that could be handled without magic, how about just dumping the guy and moving on with someone more honorable instead of a player.

However, if you still want magic to solve your problems with your friend, what I would do is contact E.A. Koetting and do a consultation.

E.A. Koetting, the co-founder of this website and could help solve your problems through his experience and knowledge. He offers consultations and rituals for a fee. He’s a very skilled sorcerer and I think he could help guide you through this.

Here’s a link:

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Get a dogo argentino, the real great white hunter. This fuckers are insanely strong, fearless and loyal. Tell this POS in clear terms that, if he ever comes back, you’ll unleash on him a dog that isn’t afraid of going toe to toe with a damn cougar. It won’t kill him (probably), but he will lose of limb or two. And I’m not exagerating. Of course, you’re supposed to train him and making socialize to avoid having a breathing weapon ready to shoot at random.

This has worked with a very violent guy that, periodically, went back to ruin some girl’s life. It isn’t baseless.


that would be attempted murder if you sik a dog on him.

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ONLY if… I mean, if the guy sneaks into the house and the dog reacts…

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he got a key

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And OP should have already taken care of that. That’s surprising, honestly.

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First thing you do is get that key off him right away! If not possible then change the lock asap unless you are renting and not allowed to do it, in which case police intervention is a good option, restraining order etc. You can still do all these things without restricting him visitation to his child under the terms of whatever you both agree on.
Magick or not, he should not be allowed to come and go into your home as he pleases, unless you have told him that he can. Even if you told him he can come over anytime, you still have the right to change your mind and he must respect the rules. He is an ex not current partner.
Maybe later on you can do magick for him to move far away or that you have an opportunity to move away, that’s an option.



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Maybe she had a legit and practical reason because of the child. That’s fair enough. Now that he has shown disrespect for following common decency, he needs to hand over the key.


Agree. But I wouldn’t feel safe with that. Changing the locks should be a priority. If OP is renting, then she could explain the issue to the landlord and work it together.


I agree. I wouldn’t feel safe either because he could have made a spare key. Changing the locks is the best option, and hopefully the landlord is understanding, even if she has to put up the money for changing the lock it’s still cheaper than moving house.


This sounds like a complicated legal situation. I don’t have all the facts or know the whole situation…

If he has his name on the lease or house and the divorce had no stipulations, then he technically can be there unless there is a court order otherwise.

It doesnt sound like the cops have ever done much, right? I mean you tried calling the authorities to have him removed if he has no right to be there. It should be simple, there is a man in your house that is not supposed to be there, and he wont leave.

If he does have a right, then you should contact a lawyer and work on getting that situation handled (though if it was a divorce, things should have already been squared)…

There are a lot of spirits that can help you with legal matters, and swaying the authorities and those in power.

You could also bind the POS or sic a more baneful spirit on him?


Agree re: changing the locks. I was an apartment manager and I was 100 percent okay with tenants changing the locks on their own if an emergency arose, as long as they notified me and gave me a key that matched the new lock. (In fact, one tenant had to do this when a set of keys disappeared.)

If and when you can afford it, MOVE.

Bind that fucker so he can’t hurt you or your child, and call upon Lilith, too.

One more thing: if you have ANY kind of joint account, take your money out and close it. Immediately. Some abusers deliberately drain their victims’ accounts so they can’t leave (or, you know, because they’re horrible people). If he has ever had access to any credit cards in your name, call the credit card issuer, explain what is going on, and see if they’ll issue a new card with a different number (if he doesn’t know it, he can’t use it).

Good luck.

Call the cops and tell them he broke in. Then place a restraining order.

Please DO NOT make comments about committing acts of violence on a public forum. It can cause possible legal problems for the owners of BALG.

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Sorry, old security/bouncer instincts. Used to say these thing in vegas years ago, that or it curtains for the lot of you, forgetaboutit. My apologies


It is because of my son since I work 3 hours over the time he gets On my way! From
School and it takes me an to her home
If my son needed me. He lives 5 mins down the street.