I just saw my spirit

Guys, I was taking bath while I saw my hand had shadow and something more, looking like spirit in water. I have a bracelet and on this reflection of my spirit, I didn’t notice it. I just saw parasite spirit too a little (He is slowly getting out too) What does it all mean? (I am new, I am working a lot on my self with meditations and chakras from month) I saw energy before that but only as a warps in air.

It means you saw it. =)

I know that :smiley: But what does it mean for my progress, is it normal for everyone?

It means the parasite spirit is eating its way out of your brain and through eyes manipulating your vision.

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I don’t feel like that. I saw my spirit in water not in mirror. I feel pretty strong against him and I am going forward to kill him. I just saw some shadow of him. Mostly I think it’s just my evolution but It kinda shocked me so I just wanted to ask if it’s normal.

But It make sense because when I standed up I felt big pressence behind me. It felt like heat.

Probably have multiple spirits around you. Very good, seeing the Light Being is a good start

Multiple? What do you mean?

I mean it exactly like I say it

I know I am protected by Odin and my 3 totems plus my succubi so I don’t worry that much.

What kind of spirits then? Bad or good?

I did not said that I saw light being too.

The heat is a very high vibrational light being.

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So why I did felt from that parasite heat before? And when I did evocation of King Paimon I felt that too.
So when I feel from my succubi some cold air she is low vibrations?

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When something strange is hapenning and I feel bad I always feel heat maybe it is my angel or succubi? I am quite confused now.

Picture of that hand.

First and foremost it isnt a parasite. A parasite is. Something that is Low-powered below even Light and even below most Shadow Beings.

Everything requires and feeds on energy to live, including you. So “parasite” would be the improper terminology.

As for what it actually is and its purpose thats up to you to ask and find out.

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So what being could come to my home and live there without asking if not parasite?

Any being really if they have the power to do it.

I would try to find out but when I can’t even hear why should I ask? Nevermind I will try to find out what’s going on. I got 1 more question is succubus high vibration being? I feel cold air from her many times.