I just ordered some robes

So basically, I was wanting some ‘wizard robes’ for a long time… I finally caved and ordered something to fulfill that end.

More specifically I ordered the ‘wine’ version of it. Obviously, I’ll have to make some modifications to it once it gets here, but it will be awesome when I have it prepared and everything. Just gotta figure out what sorts of magicks I want to imbue it with.


Ordinarily, I don’t use robes. But recently, I decided to pull out the robe piece of a Kylo Ren costume that I had in the closet. It actually looks the part rather well, which is sort of hilarious.


I’ve been looking into cloaks for Morrigan workings

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I normally don’t use robes, but I plan to use it for major workings.

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Rock that image bro.


I got them, they aren’t bad. I got some work I’m doing to them, and some planning for some stuff with them.

When I’m done, they will be awesome.


Cool. I’m glad you are happy.

Is it floofy?

Define “floofy”.

Floofy: my way of saying fluffy.

It’s not fluffy.

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I’ll get a picture soon.

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