I just noticed the existence of a female spirit in my house today

i just noticed the existence of a female spirit in my house today… she tried to grab my ballsack when i was sleeping that wake me up pissed instead of being horny and the only spirit ive been trying to have contact with right now is Hecate and when she spoke to me in this days she spoke to me like a teenager wich is surprising for me and i personally dont think its Hecate because its weak and about the spirit probably came to my house because Hecate* or whatever that entity is, i think that is probably Naamah. but however im not sure if Hecate can send me spirits and i honestly would not like to banish her, im actually thinking that i would like to make her my slave! lol so its possible to make that female spirit my slave? which book should i read to bind her to me and do crazy stuff with her? :smiling_imp: what i do boyz and no no banish for her…!

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hey calm down bud, be sure the spirit isn´t a trickster, go to the astral plane and ask her what she´s doing on your house

Ask the entity to sign its name in the space around it. If it is unable to do so or if it gives you an bad vibes (your intuition will let you know), then you should command the entity to return to its sphere of origin


im sure the female spirit she is not a trickster, and i was calling hekate 3 days ago and i hear her voice from a teenager and playful woman so (probably a trickster) because i spoke with Hekate in the past and her voice was strong and i ask her for sex LOL and she told me “Hell no” but i seduce her, so her power was inmense, the spirit of 3 days ago could not even touch me but yesterday when i was about to sleep i felt someone grabing my balls that is why thought becoming her my slave or something, about my intuition its fucked… im literally a living dead person

There are other things beside sex on this planet :joy: Or any other planet :joy:


agreed! when it comes to spirits the only think that i think off is sex :sweat_smile:


And that’s why we have succubus and incubus… And girlfriends. And porn sites :joy:


the idea of baging a goddess comes from Naamah, that is why i would not like a succubus and about girlfriends honestly “flesh vs energy= energy wins” for me and yea im off to a porn site :sweat_smile:

I’m just saying you’re summoning Spirits for the wrong reason. No offence, but all your posts are about the same topic: I summon a Spirit, she grabbed my balls, I’m extremely disrespectful towards them but they lick my boots". I wonder why no one have told you already. Actually…no… they did. You just don’t listen… Anyway, have fun!


hahahaha agreed, they just love to grab my balls! i have never ask them to do that, more even i like entities to have respect with my body, how you would feel if you suddenly feel someone is grabbing one of your boobs?

I think she’s just trying to say that instead of always talking about sex with spirits, you should see what else they’re into. It’s possible that this new spirit didn’t come for that because when it first came, didn’t it say no? There are just some other things you summon for instead of sex like 24/7.

And the disrespect isn’t cool at all man


if you guys think that im a pervert and a guy who only thinks of sex let me tell you something Lilith told me
“if you tell me that again, i will suck your dick for half century” and i declined, so im not extremely horny

if you are telling me that because of lilith and if i was disrepectful with Lilith you dont know the full history!

I’m just showing you where others are coming from. As always you’re free to do what you want.

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boyz the spirit of the female was Hekate and she is gone :sob:

I really hope your joking on trying to “bind and enslave” as you put it, one or two of the most powerful and transcendal spirits that exist dude…

Also Hekate is a virgin goddess, so if you think you’ve been sexual with her, it’s 100% not her.


dude when i talked to bind a spirit i didnt mean Hekate i thought it was a random spirit sent by Naamah or Hekate

i would not be able to penetrate her obviously but we can do other stuff like she did to me, stuff like licking my ♫♫♫ and grabbing my dick and balls and other spirits declined to do that, also she had a extremely potent force, i had 2 encounters with Naamah, and Naamah visited me and she was massaging my dick but i didnt allow her because i wasnt in the mood also she started to talk me like mama mary LOL but the force of Hekate is much more powerful, also Hekate payed me a warning and she told me no about having sex with her, but i seduce her, HOW? its a secret sorry… also when i called her on those days she didnt went sexual,

whoever that grabbed my ballsack yesterday its still a doubt for me, but my guessing is Hekate, however im going to try to talk with her moments later and see whats going on…

Yeah…that’s not Hekate herself.

Hekate from my understanding and from what I’ve seen from other’s experiences with her doesn’t partake in anything of that sort. If it’s not a trickster or something like that, then it’s one of the spirits under her that she’s extremely close and heavily connected to that you’re dealing with, more specifically Gargophias.

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im just gonna call hef and find out, to contact her is a pain in the ass but however

also trickster arent that powerful… i know about trickster and they dont have the force that Hekate show me!

dude i think you maybe right about Gargophias i just read about her and she fits more than Hekate ^^