I just had a thought


The astral tendrils are used to take in energy, but I was thinking, maybe there are more ways to use these. For example, do you think it would be possible to take in more specific patterns of energy such as what make up a persons thoughts? If one could my idea would be you could use that to read that persons mind.

If that could be done, perhaps using a tendril sent from your right hand to send out energy you could send a certain pattern into a person , if it is possible to tranfer thought this way it could potentially be used to influence someones behavior. Does this sound feasable? I plan to try testing this idea out at some point.


That is an actual method that I’ve used myself for years when reading and influencing thoughts. It was a trick I picked up back when I was honing my psychic abilities.


Hey Defectron, Kitari! Y’know, I’ve noticed this phenomenon myself, from time to time, and I bet others have as well! Some person being ‘dead set’ in opposition to what I want, suddenly doing an about face on the issue, for no obvious reason! (The fact that I wanted what I wanted SO MUCH? Or that I was utterly determined in my own mind to have my way?) Hmm … I need to delve into this subject & work on making it purposeful. Thanks guys! Good one! :wink: Z


Thats a method that alot of SS people use believe it or not to get girls wet lol