I just finished my first banishing ritual, did I do something wrong?

I just did my first banishing ritual. After I did that I left the room to get water and walked back in and noticed the immediate change in energy (I’ve never been able to sense energy before). I laid down and started to get a increasingly bad headache. Did I do something wrong?


No, you didn’t do anything wrong.

There are two prossible reasons you got a headache:

1: your body is not used to the influx of energy from the banishing ritual so it overloaded your system. You just need to adapt to it and that comes with practice.

2: Something was feeding on you and the banishing ritual severed the connection, so the headache is the energy that was siphoned away flowing back into your body, and it has to compensate and stabilize.


Thank you for clearing that up for me, I woke up and my head was fine.:+1:

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