I just can't wait...Baal!

So E A is doing the Baal gateway w, so it’s not working stuff, and I can’t wait to hear about it.
I made a pact with Lucifer which included evoking all the kings in the Goetia.
And I don’t want to be rude to Baal but what I am a bit unsure what to ask for with him.

I see he keeps things secret, does invisibility, invincibility but I’m struggling to see a practical application for these.

Can you ask for a certain type of invincibility?

Apparently I’m pregnant with Belial’s child,
stranger still too is that I am transsexual, so it already isn’t supposed to be possible.
But the likely-hood of the child surviving is pretty low, maybe he can help make the baby healthy enough to survive and be birthed?

I have this weird idea Baal can help heal?

Maybe I can just have him for council?

I tried to evoke him once but it didn’t feel like a successful evocation.

Maybe I’m still not ready?

Any thoughts for me?

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Why not just ask him to help you raise your energy for ascension then? There’s no harm is just opening the conversation and seeing what happens.

Well, what exactly are we talking about here? Do you mean spiritually, or that you have a uterus and have tested positive for a physical pregnancy?

If it’s spiritually, it doesn’t matter, all spirits can create - humans can also create spirits, thoughtforms and egregores alone or with two or more others. They don’t really have gender, or the requirement to limit creating a new entity to two beings, because that’s an animal sexual reproduction thing, and humans are animals, while spirits are very much not.

So I 'm hearing that you have attached your identity to your gender expression, but tbh it’s completely irrelevant here. You’re a living god, you can create as the gods create, without such limits.

E.A. created a powerful demonic entity all by himself, no female required, incarnate or discarnate, for example. So do as thou wilt. I created a thoughtform that I imbued with too much of myself and it became sovereign overnight and fucked off without me. No male required. Break out of the normie thinking patterns, they don’t mean anything here.


Do you know where I can find this information?

Ha ha that is the strange part that I am pretty tempted to make another post about.
I have heard of people having astral babies and I have had a number of spirits come to me asking to have astral babies.

But what’s also new to me is that apparently one can have physical babies too with spirits.

It was also said that Merlin was a baby who came from a spirit.

Also one might wonder if Jesus came from Archangel Gabriel.

But apparently men can get not just astrally pregnant but also have a physical component of pregnancy.

In women it seems to come out a bit deformed physically and with men it is closer to a tumor.

I’m not sure how it would in my case, being m2f trans I may come out like the mans but maybe better, chemically more close to female. What it is like is like how the woman in the video said it was like having razor blades cut you from within.

What I think I am hearing from the spirits is I may have no choice but to abort it, that it already exists now in the astral plane, but that every day I keep it is a victory.

I feel Belials cute and playful side in me, it makes me not want to give up. Maybe I can be a first of some kind.

Yes I am wombless, so that is a bit of a head scratcher, but it feels like he/she is swimming around.

I’m looking forward to his compendium upon release and will probably jump in on the blood pact with him since I haven’t done so since Belial.

It’s in AZAZEL - Steal Fire from the Gods. A usage of the Seed of Darkness.

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