I just called up an entity from my childhood - seeking your insights

I’m interested in peoples thoughts on this. When I was a young child I used to have an imaginary friend, whom I told my parents was a ‘fairy’. Fairies were common features of kids books of course, so I wouldn’t necessarily presume this to necessarily mean it actually was a fairy.

I don’t recall what she looked like, other than she was small and to my mind I could see her. I think there was other communication too, but I don’t recall specifics.

I used to leave little treats out in the garden for her, in a little hollow between the roots of a specific tree. Biscuits, lollies and those little birthday cake candles. I told my parents that these were things she liked.

We moved house and I never encountered her again.

For some reason I was thinking about all of this today, so I decided to try to call her up. I put up some counter measures just in case, focused on the few memories I have relating to that time and started repeating her name.

After a few seconds I suddenly spontaneously decided to change approach. I pathworked Raziel (Tempest’s method) and asked him to guide me to [her name].

Then I said her name a couple of times and in comes a strong energy into the room. It felt heavier than I had expected, felt it inside and outside the whole body. The internal energy sensation faded quickly, but I still felt it externally.

I asked if it was her and got a slow rolling energy wave feeling sweeping down through my system.

I asked if she remembered me. Another wave.

I asked if we would be able to successfully communicate clair audiently- no energy wave this time.

I waited quietly for a while and received nothing audiently (my clair audience is very poor anyway).

So I figured that communication was happening. The energy wave meaning yes and the lack of it meaning no.

Tried chatting this way for a bit, but it’s a limited form of communication. I asked her if she would another session and got the yes wave.

So next time I think I’ll try with my pendulum and see how that goes.

So I’m wondering if any of you guys have insight into this, or if anyone suitably would like to do a quick scan or similar to ascertain if what I called in was actually the same entity I was aiming for?

If anyone thinks they have a good handle on this and that her name would help, im happy to provide it by DM. I was going to include it in the post, but got a strong sense that I shouldn’t post it publicly.