I just Bought my First Bottles of Alcohol

I just bought my first bottles of alcohol for offerings I hope that Bune and Dantalion will like them.


I am guessing the wine is for Dantalion and the Seagrams is for Bune? I just have a feeling Bune would like a Seven & Seven, lol.

Yes the wine is for Dantalion.

How long would I leave the offering for?


until they sobern up and tell you to get another bottle for them lol joking . as soon as you open it and offer it to them they will drink it straight away . leave it till the next day and throw it out depends how you are offering it to the by bottle or by glass


You could also have s shot or drink in their name seems more fun


I don’t drink otherwise I would.

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I usually leave offerings overnight, and dispose of anything left respectfully in the morning if something has not come for them. I usually leave mine outside, so they are often gone in the morning. Even if you do not drink, food offerings can be shared as well, especially during invocation.

You can just pour some out for your demonic homies come sun up :wink: