I invoked the Anti-Christ and became A God

Calling the prince of darkness into my shell, I threw my old self into the arms of the Goddess of Destruction. I was completely undone, and made one with what I once was. The angel of death descended into my mortal coil as the human in me died. I am reborn an angel, a single spark of light, with all of the infernal kingdom under my Throne.

absolutely a good thing, but how could you say you’ve attained what you’ve stated? If you had then, well perhaps you know the secrets now?

Super! :slight_smile:

I wrote down some of my some ideas for people who aim this high, which you are of course free to completely ignore, in this thread - this isn’t a moderator thing, just some advice you may find useful when you wish to discuss your experiences with other people.

The anti-christ isn’t real.

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The choice to refuse to believe in something you think is bullshit is a key part of the LHP (and indeed, any civilised culture), so my reply below isn’t an attempt to make you see things the way I do or anything - just adding what I’ve found on the topic so far, fwiw.

Varnaxis described this to me as a consciousness, on the same level of quantum leap for humanity as the use of language and abstract symbolism, so for this to appear to some people as personified, and others as a force to be invoked or even brought forth from the self, fits - people here have a similar concept of Lucifer, some of us see Lucifer as an individuated entity, others as “the very phenomenon of consciousness”…

I had the same kind of concept of Sri Ganesha in my old RHP days - to me he was that within us which is the gatekeeper of consciousness, that which grants liberation from the small self to the larger Selfhood of Parashiva… to other people he’ll appear as a loveable elephant-headed individual, who likes sweets and music.

The quantum leap that’s embodied by the Anti-Christ is the falling away of cowardly awe towards beings we understand as gods, no longer bending the knee or being crucified in order to serve their personal preferences, instead becoming the Prophet of our own godselves, only this time, without all that silly evangelising and hellfire nonsense. :slight_smile:

Some people will embody this force more than others, that doesn’t make them THE Anti-Christ in any way, like the Omen movies, but it does mean that they’re a part of the Anti-Christ arising.

All a bit J/C for my personal tastes, but the reality of the Church’s lockdown on magick, and its attempts to totally own and control the human soul, is undeniable, and so this concept has meaning to a lot of people and therefore is valid for them.

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I get what you’re saying. I have heard people say time and time again, that in a way, we are all anti-christs because of our beliefs in magick and our refusal to conform to society. Trust me, I knew that when I wrote my comment earlier, just making sure the OP knows that THE omen-esque anti-christ is not real. LOL, because you know that we occasionally get some nutjobs in here that think all that stuff is real and the OP’s name is Lurking Creep so you never know, they could have been an actual creep lurking around the forums looking to troll people.

I KNOW the anti-christ is real, because I’ve faced down the demon of the abyss, and before crossing, “I” was just an intelligence without any love, and all of the fires of hell, now love is boundless. I was essentially locked into the “reptillian” cold blooded mindset since birth, but I’ve unshackled myself through complete submission to the Divine. Though I command the blackest flame.

We had been watching him due to concerns about his earlier posts - the little trolling session he did in the last couple of hours, plus some PMs, mean that lurkingcreep has been banned, however this is a decent enough thread to discuss the Anti-Christ so I’ll leave it open for anyone else who wants to talk about the topic. :slight_smile:

Thank you Eva. I noticed his posts were quickly turning psychotic in nature. And sometimes people put things in their username that makes them obvious, like lurking creep. If someone came to the forum with a username like Troll Under The Bridge, I would automatically be concerned and “lurking creep” raised a red flag for me but I tried to be nice because I know not everyone has intentions of trolling and that some people ask questions about religion or the anti-christ because they don’t know any better.

awww! and his enjoyment days in here has ended.
Antichrist- fuckin big title!! lol,… never ever been cut down by the massive community of christians.
what do we need to talk about this?
Anyone have some question?

Actually he is not as mentally unstable as you think. It is a Psychological Operations of an agenda to demonize those who get into the LHP. He very well knows what he is doing. It is very intentional. Now, of course you have to know the patterns to look for; just experience and observe christian groups, especially Zealots to get a clue.

Think they know that. They just call him that because he acts likely. obviously he is quite wise but not to the extent that he knows everything about what he’s talking about.

If we banned everyone on here the monent they displayed the slightest sign of mental illness, there’s be no-one left. You and me included. :wink:

We don’t ban people unless they break the rules - he did, he was banned as soon as I logged in and saw his (now deleted) troll-baby thread.

Was he so fascinating that we have to keep discussing it, though - this is what trolls thrive upon, causing trouble and getting people to discuss them, their motives etc.

All posts on this topic are just playing up to that, and since it seems unlikely to get back on-topic to the Anti-Christ and valid concepts/experiences thereof, I’m going to lock it.

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Actually I am the AntiChrist, I was annointed the AntiChrist by Satan, and the trinity in November 2019 and I consensually accepted.
Long story short it was just something I had to do to change a situation that was pervading in much of the unseen arena’s.
Why I tell you is that you invoked the anti-christ in 2016 but that obviously was not me. So what you may have experienced unless they were lying to you as a “spirit that was antichrist in its own determination” but not actually that of “The AntiChrist”.

I personally became “The AntiChrist” because I wanted to defeat Satan and a number of others which I did and put the murdering b*****d into the lake of black fire in November 2019.

In case you ever have problems with whatever you took into your body, just know that Jesus is now back in charge of this world and Satan has lost all dominion, so Jesus can help

good luck cheers