I invoked King Paimon (and sort of failed?)

I have been slightly drawn to King Paimon, I feel like his words have really resonated m because they showed me simple, honest solutions to a few of my problems. I decided that soon I’d invoke him. So I set out some coffee, drew his sigil and gazed into it. “King Paimon, I respectfully call you forth” Saw a bit of flashing, the sigil danced a bit and I felt him. Not super intense.

It was an awkward experience. I caught myself calling him just “Paimon” a few times (which I immediately apologized for).

I asked if there was any way we could communicate. I tried hear his voice in my mind but I almost felt as if my subconscious was speaking for him (and not very clearly).

I ended up apologizing for wasting his time (not before asking a few questions).

Overall, I feel bad. I know I’m a rookie, but I feel like I may have wasted his time.


In my experience, King Paimon is fairly accepting of the foibles of beginners. He acknowledges when you are still learning so don’t feel bad. He understands.


Welcome to the balg forum, aka the church of Paimon.

The titles are for us, not for them. I don’t even remember the titles of every goetic demon, so I call them “lord”, “lady” or just by their names, which is often better for the sake of fluency if the ritual must be done quickly.


A lot of patience he has


That’s how it will be. After all, it was an invocation, so he is inside you.

You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re the magician please remember that you are in control. You didn’t waste anyone’s time, practicing is the key to being successful.


Are you aware of how I can better communicate with spirits? I am super into this.

Hahaha hell yeah yes


This is too accurate.


It’s not a bad thing, but it’s true :sweat_smile:

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So, I kind of want the ability to understand these spirits. You sound like you know what you’re doing. Any tips?

Just work on your astral senses by meditation/divination etc, just keep practicing and you will develop more over time. I can’t give you a timetable because everyone has their own pace and develops at different times.


My dad told me one day: “Our civilization has spent hundreds of years trying to understand one god, and you try to understand hundreds, thousands of gods, you even try to understand gods that you don’t even know, and you suffer because you think you are stupid because you can’t”. So, good luck with that objective :slight_smile:

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King Paimon’s energy isn’t intense (more often than not at least). It’s gentle and friendly.

That was actually him. Spirits talk through our thoughts. Even if they’re your own thoughts, he put them there. Trust in him for that. The secret here is to be completely relaxed and just listen to those thoughts, just surrender to them.

Don’t worry about it! King Paimon is a really beginner friendly spirit and a great teacher and guide! Also, he always comes when summoned, even if you don’t feel him there. However, you surely felt him and you kinda heard him too. So, that worked at least, right? You did well, you just need to develop your astral senses further and you’ll be fine.


This is why I like the King so much. Thank you!!


Dont doubt yourself, imagine a rough outline of what he look like to you when you summon and listen for the answers when you think or ask them. Again stop doubting yourself. After awhile of playing the “wait is that just me?” you realize the insight is valuable and either way then next thing you know you are sketching and channeling the guy :sob::hear_no_evil:

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