I invoked Kether on the tree of life

How do you banish or uninvoke a deity as opposed to invoking one or or calling upon it?

I invoked Pluto (Hades) which is kether on the tree of life in kaballah. How do you banish a sepiroth? It’s stealing from my life energy, spiritual blessings and operating in my thoughts to try to block out my political desires, free will, and sex drive. Please help me

Sounds like a parasite. Same as banishing anything you don’t want around. If asking nicely doesn’t do it, attack it, it’ll go get its jollies somewhere easier.

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It’s fully controlling my private thoughts. Before I ask it to leave, it says “just ask” in a trustworthy way, then when I asked politely for it to leave it mocks me and is taking advantage of my own personal desires… telling me narcicistically to have self control like a spiritual cock block. Its mocking my sex drive

It’s robbing from my intellectual gifts and interfering with my own ability to rationalize

So stop asking and get vicious.

It might take time but it will go away when you stop feeding it. Go “grey rock”. You don’t get upset, that feeds it, you just calmly redirect your thoughts to something else. You can use a chant to fill up your mind and stop thinking about it.

I’m at my dad’s and have my own vehicle to get my own job and away so I can have my own personal space to get rid of it but it’s trying to interfere with my ability to leave and make good money. I know how to buy real estate and it’s trying to turn me into a laborer when my skills are not ordained to work blue collar.

I graduated high school with a 3.3 gpa and have no criminal background but I got throat tattoos at 18 and so I’ve been in extended adolescence throughout my 20s and have been needing to save up to get them removed and ita trying to rob the talents and gifts my parents have given me so that I can’t make time to get the removed and enjoy a classy personal life with them off. It’s a fucking parasite forsure. I invoked Kether, yesod (Gabriel), moloch and a few other dieties and it’s not leaving. I need a place to lose my mind and let out aggression and make money and it’s trying to interfere with my ability to grow up and make good money and lower my stress level built up from years of suppressing healthy social energy

I think, you need to stop blaming disembodied entities and ill-advised ink for your problems.

You also need to take credit for your gifts and not give that away to your parents.

Over all, your entire life is still up to you, and nobody else. Nobody is stopping you from both taking time for yourself and doing what you need to do to move forward.

Pickup a “hiking” hobby and go for walks where you can be alone and scream into nature, then come back and connect with likeminded professionals on linkedin apply for jobs, grab some industry training on Udemy and grow your network. There’s room for it all.


Nothing wrong with doing some blue collar work. There are valuable skills to be learned.

Anyway, I’d just tell it to fuck off and threaten to bind it and seal it in a brass pot filled with powdered asbestos if it doesn’t cooperate.

It was a legitamite esoteric invocation that is real metaphysically and interfering with both my faith, spiritual blessings given by my parents and sex drive. I read the arbatel which invoked the 7 planetary sprits of each Olympic spirit including Artemis. The entity is interupting what I have planned for my future and speaking lies into my head. it was kether from the kaballah

It was a legitimate metaphysical invocation to kether (moloch/Satan and thaumiel), not some parasite spirit coming out of nowhere. I don’t have any high temple magick friends who know how to uninvoke sephiroths on the tree of life. Do you know how?

Hades is not correlated to the tree of life. Also you didn’t invoke letter on the tree of life,

You invoked thaumiel of the qlipoth.

Do a LBRP invocation if the angels to help.

You need to counter the dark energy.

I invoked the entire qlipoth and had no problem hearing things, you may want go to a psychiatrist.


1- Hades is not Kether. What sources did you use that led you to that assumption?
2- You also appear to conflate the Sephiroth with the Qlippoth.
Whoever your go-to trusted entity is - now is the time to seriously work with them to unfuck your situation.
If the above is not applicable, consider communicating with Yeesch, a spirit under King Paimon.

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Why not just use the mantra “Malkuth Kether Kether Malkuth” over and over until you experience joy?

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