I invoked Andras to help me

So a few months ago. I tried to get my ex back.

Cue several months later when my ex makes a malicious false allegation against me to try and ruin my career. The court hearing is next week. I no longer have any feelings for my ex due to this. Where I live the police take the option that whoever gets a report in first is often deemed the victim.

So I decided to invoke Andras to help deal with my ex. I’m very much new to this but I believe that the invocation was a success. I listened to Andras’s enn on YouTube and also chanted along with it. I also got a headache immediately after completion which I think was due to me putting too much energy into the invocation. I also noticed a sweet smelling perfume in my bedroom which I took as another sign. None of my aftershaves or perfumes have this scent.

I asked Andras for a sign that he is working on my target within 48 hours (that should be approximately 11 this evening). I’m asking for support on two things:

  1. Can someone who is close to Andras just do a divination after the 48 hours to tell me what he thinks of working with me and my request for help.

  2. Can someone suggest a demon or spell that can help with the court case. I tried belial but did not get an indication that he wants to work with me.


Trust me if Andras starts working on your target you will notice


I have zero contact with my target. No phone number or email or any contact details whatsoever

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Anyone able to help with my above two enquires namely:

  1. Doing a divination to see if my target has any spiritual protection and also what Andras thinks of my request. I am willing to pay for this service if it not freely available. Please note I have already looked at the ritual for hire section of this and

  2. If there is any spell or ritual I could do to help me with the court case. I tried belial but got the impression that he was not willing to work with me. However maybe I misread the situation

Update: I smelt the same fragrance as the one I described in my original post on my pillow this morning. I’m not sure if this means anything

…it means Andras gave you the sign you asked for. Don’t overthink this.


Hi Positivelycm. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’m Not really trying to overthink this but just thought I’d post an update on progress. I intend to relax and let my magic do its thing. However from reading various topics I thought I would also ask for a divination given that this is important to determine any spiritual protections the person may have. And also see if there was any information that members could suggest about the upcoming court case.

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Further update: My court hearing is today. I think I successfully obtained Belial’s agreement to work with me. I also think I saw his Sigil flash but rather than fade it became brighter.

I have heard that the ex who I targeted with Andras had a water cleansing voudou ritual done. I’m not sure if it’s true and I’m not sure if this will affect my work and Andras’s work. Can anyone who is more knowledgeable with this type of work do a divination and tell me what Andras thinks of my request and also what Belial thinks of my request. I’m willing to pay for this service and hopefully we can discuss this further by PM.

@Lady_Eva I hope this post regarding payment of services and my continuous frequent update of this topic does not breach any forum rules. Please let me know if it does.

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I didn’t necessarily win my case but I didn’t necessarily lose. The final outcome is due to be determined soon. Nevertheless I would like to publicly thank Belial as I promised I would do should he help me and i believe he has. He has also taught me to be more specific about the outcome I want so thank you Belial

I still await the divination regarding Andras

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…have you received any signs or anything regarding the work you had done with Andras? How’s it going?

No I haven’t. While I trust my magic and I am taking a “set it and forget it approach” I would like a sign or reading to show what I have set in motion. I’ve never been good with divination I accept that as my weakness and while I would love to learn more about readings/divination I would appreciate if a member of the forum who has a closer connection with Andras to tell me what he thinks of my request given that I essentially asked Andras to decimate my targets life using any means possible

I may try to summon Andras again and ask him directly and update this topic with the result but if anyone wants to do a divination as well I would appreciate it.


Hi All

I’ve invoked Andras again to give me a further sign that he continues to work on my target within 24 hours. I trust myself and my magic and will update this further hopefully within 24 hours


Yep i can back this up. He works fast and you will see results.

@MH155 best thing you can do is give him a task and let him get to work. Trust him to be able to do it and he will deliver. No need to go back and question him. Also he is one of very few words so don’t expect him to give you a lengthy explanation. I find he prefers to crack on with it rather than talk but he can linger around. His energy is a bit much. I also had headaches. Oh and he can be blood thirsty but don’t give him your blood as an offering if you’re not comfortable with it. (Use animal blood maybe or raw steak instead?)
A strong alcoholic beverage works just as good.

No idea how a Voodoo ritual would effect his job.

“…would appreciate if a member of the forum who has a closer connection with Andras to tell me what he thinks of my request given that I essentially asked Andras to decimate my targets life using any means possible.”

I think this was pretty good.


Learn to use a pendulum! You’ll get your answers once you learn.

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I think the problem with me using divination tools such as a pendulum is that they tend to be influenced by subconscious desires and mental clutter. Hence why I think it would be beneficial for someone unconnected with my workings to assist in contacting Andras

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Hi All

No word from Andras on my target. I’m going to ask if anyone has a special connection with him who can do a divination for me. I know the forum promotes self growth but I’ve always been bad at divination. I think it’s because I am subconsciously lusting for results which affects the outcome of my own divination

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I recently in the last three weeks started working with Andras. I saw him as a raven at first and then later he revealed himself to me as a owl with an Angel body. His wolf also introduced himself to me. I made the wolf mad I suspect Because it seemed to be trying to eat me and it freaked out very badly around me. It later calmed down and later it placed it’s head on top of my upper body and he slept with me a while while Andras stood away at a distance. He and his wolf communicate with me daily now and I can see them very well. I feel very lucky but warey.

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Update: my target visited a homelessness/ community shelter with a friend although did not register with them. Somewhat ironic given that my target hates homeless people.

I’m still trusting Andras to completely desecrate my target.

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My target seems to have disappeared. Not even some of the best tracers can find him. They suspect he could be living abroad I asked for the target to be decimated. While he has disappeared I’m not sure if that would count as decimated? Thoughts my fellow BALGers?

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I think it’s a sign for you to move on. He seems completely out of the picture. Time to swipe a new page in your life.


Can’t I’m afraid. My ex made false allegations against me to the police which could actively threaten my career. He seems to have disappeared but these false allegations are hanging over my head. Because where I live the first person to report to the police is treated as the victim regardless of how true those allegations are.