I Invoke Favor on all of you!

Hi, I found this community through YouTube. I’m extremely interested in the Goetia and summoning spirits.i reject Christianity and the rest of the Roman cultist new world order psychopaths!

Belial is one of my favorite spirits.
It has always been crude , abrasive and confrontational but I thank Belial for everything it did for me. I would truly love to to summon Belial one day.

I also Love Azazel, The Sword Daemon. I have always loved swords ever since I was a child.

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Welcome. Please tell us about yourself and your experience in magick.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

Mainly meditation. Dream Logs and martial arts. I am very new to invocation and summoning concerning the Goetia.
I have always created my own rituals and did my own thing.

Welcome to balg and I think sir belial fits you perfectly I wish you the best of luck on this new journey

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