I invented a method of divination using animal crossing New Horizons

This was entirely for fun and I would not be surprised if I messed up. You basically have to use the numerology for this.

Get a piece of paper and write up the question you want answered with some weird symbolic number, the meanings of the numbers can be found throughout the internet. Then put a spot where you can count up the number of trees, flowers and rocks you find.

now, you are going to get yourself one of those Nook miles tickets, and you’re going to go to the airport. Set the intent so that the overall completed numbers that will give you your answer, and go to the island.

Count up all of the flowers, trees and rocks. If you’re having a hard time with losing track, harvest the bud off of a flower once you’re done counting it, and make sure to remember the number. You won’t recount the same flower. Also consider doing the same with trees by either chopping them down or digging a hole in front of them.

you can do this two ways now, and I believe both would be decent answers to your question.

Let’s say

Trees: 15 -> 1+5 = 6
Rocks: 4 -> 4
Flowers: 28 -> 2+8 = 10 -> 1+0 = 1

Simplify all double digit numbers by adding both digits together like so, if the FINAL number is either 11, 22 or 33 just leave it alone.

1+4+6 = 11

As you can see, the final number is 11. Just leave it alone, it has an individual meaning.

There’s also another way you can do this where you simply add them all up then simplify

28+4+15 = 47 -> 4+7 = 11

Now I have no idea why both were 11, or if that’s just a normal thing that numerology does and that’s to be expected, but if those two final numbers are somehow different you can treat them as separate but equally valid answers.this was for a very important question of mine and I guess I have a really really big response lol.

So, why would you do this as opposed to literally any other method? It’s fun.

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I’m not sure if this qualifies as inventing a method of divination, but quite honestly it’s just using other methods of divination. I’m not saying I’m a messiah or anyting, or that I cracked The DaVinci code or whatever the hell some of you think I’m saying. I just found this you can do. It’s another method. I don’t think anyone has done this before

No need to be aggressive.

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Well, since you were so kind I guess I’ll explain my situation to you.

Apparently when I say I’ve achieved very minor things people like to freak out. And then they start what I can only describe as mobs of people harassing me, and I wish I was exaggerating there.

Ironically, in my attempt to deflect that I seem to have another person who completely misses the point of what I’m trying to say and the actual meat of my post, and chooses to look at something so small, so insignificant in such an ignorant and thoughtless way that I realize that it doesn’t matter what I say, I will get my fair share of people saying that kind of stuff anyways.

Can you add something productive to the post next time?

This has nothing to do with the thread but I never understood the expression ‘Calm your tits’.
What’s wrong with wild tits?

Apparently , you didn’t get that I was joking.
My sincerest apologies for your lack of humour (since I’ve already been misinterpreted as some kind of an evil troll, I shall add that this is also a joke :slightly_smiling_face:).
If you feel threatened by my innocent giggle attempt , well fear not, I shall leave you alone.

I could add another evil, abusive-to-mental-health joke if you like…

What type of music soothes the savage tit?


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The kind of music that should be banned

It was a very poor attempt at humor, as there was nothing to critique humorously and exaggeratedly except yourself, and while those jokes work they usually work in the more personal setting where people understand each other.

But I do apologize.

What’s wrong with calm tits?

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Okay , I do respect your opinion.

Well, lets not forget how you started blaming an invisible audience of gremlins out of the blue :point_down:t2::point_down:t2:

without anyone previously claiming something similar ,but ok :joy:

Thought for food…or was it the other way around?..

I do, too. Wrong time, wrong place maybe. I shall take it easy with my offensive humour from now on :smirk:

Also, I don’t mean to derail the thread and I will no longer post on this :+1:t2:

Everyone is a goddamn gremlin on this forrum. At this point I should just stop caring.

Breaking my promise just to say that I actually agree with that one.


How do you interpret what the number means afterwards?

(Genuine question, calm bosoms and radiant smiles.)

If you meet a gremlin in the morning, you met a gremlin. If you meet gremlins all day long… :thinking:


That’s a good one. There is a whole lot of symbolism behind numbers, so I usually just look it up or use borgys guide.

But it’s never super concrete. I usually take what resonates with me.


Oooh nice find Maxwell, I’m gonna go try this when I get animal crossing new horizons later this month. Thank you!
I’ll test it and let you know my results if you want to compile them, for measurements of accuracy, just say it gave good results etc.
I hope you have a good night Maxwell.

I love this. I’ve actually been using my island’s turnip prices for casual divination in a similar manner.

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