I hired a magician - getting my ex back

Hey guys,

Firstly I’d like to introduce myself my name is Marcus. I’m new to magic however have been studying the law of attraction for about a year now. Me and my ex broke up about 13 months ago and I’d tried everything to manifest back when I came across js garret.

I hired him to perform a ritual and whilst the progress has been slow as expected I have seen progress which is the main thing. Last summer I was blocked although it was only for a few weeks. We didnt talk for 2 months after she unblocked me and then saw each other on training in December- we work for the same company.

On the day we saw each other it was surreal we shared a lot of laughs and at the end I asked her to go for a drink. She declined and said it would be a bad idea. I was heart broken again and thought that was my chance gone.

But since then she has been messaging me a lot more and she even asked if I was seeing anyone recently. A week later she hinted at us going to see this other couple for a games night- something we used to do when we were seeing each other.

I just need to seal the deal now. I hope this has given hope to others out there who are struggling with this

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Make sure you add your introduction to this post too. Thank you and welcome to the forums

Her reaction, is normal. I recommend looking up Clay Andrews on YouTube and searching for the 5 phases of getting back together. I believe you’re at what’s called the ‘crisis point’ (it’s good despite the name)

Just watched the video you recommended. Loved it! Cleared a few things up for me.

I’ve had a few rituals performed for me by j s garret I just need to trust the spirits and ensure I make the right moves myself

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