I heard that for you to summon a particular demon you must follow a zodiac sign

Is it that for you to summon a particular demon, you must follow a zodiac sign ?

Yeah? Well you heard wrong.

Isn’t this the guy who bugs people to do tarot readings for match scores?

I know nothing of such, but I agree with Acid. You heard wrong, my friend.

I believe the zodiac signs are used for the demons in a particular grimoire. My brain does not remember which one.

My brain has never heard of such grimoire.

I have read so many books and grimoires over the years that it is just a vague remembrance, in the back of my mind, but I do remember reading such. I also remember that the operations were so complicated as to be virtually unworkable.

Edit: I could also be mistaken. As I said, its vague :slight_smile:

I’ve read of the goetic demons being individually associated with a couple of particular months of the year, but I never automatically interpreted it to mean that you had to be of the corresponding zodiac sign of that time to call upon them, nor was it inferred in the particular text (which I can’t remember the source of atm). What I did infer, if anything, was that they were more desireable or that their power could be more reliable during those particular assigned times. It wouldn’t deter me from calling on them ‘out of season’ so to speak, though.