I hear spirits better by doing this (clairaudience)

I try to recognise all the noises and sounds coming from the outside and inside.

For example, I clear my mind and then think of nothing, while able to tell in my mind where the noises and sounds come from, for example: I hear a distant car driving past my street while I’m hearing the clock ticking in my room, while I hear people talking outside.

It made me hear spirits louder and clearer for some reason, hope this works for you guys as well.


It is because of focus. A very mundane thing, when I was learning music I realize I could understand all the instruments individually and so everything became more clear.


I did something similar to this, I clear my mind and just listen. Although except for most people, I listen with my mind + ears…this I found to be very effective. I also imagine my ears growing big to act as a satellite or antenna to pick up “spirit communication”.

Not suprisingly after doing this my physical hearing became VERY sensitive. Like I had to leave my house because I could hear the TV + Radio booming/echoing throughout the entire house. Took awhile to calm down lol.


It works!!! Legit thanku

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You might be right. As long as it works. For you all.

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How do you know, what ur hearing isn’t an aphorism? The minds attempt to make something coherent out of randomness? If u go on that, your mind will deceive u…at least, this has been my experience with it…Unconscious has a way of coming up in the process and fucking things up…

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Because I hear words I’ve never heard of and when I look it up it starts making sense, you should know the difference between a spirit speaking to you and making stuff up out of your own subconscious mind. If you’ve got no sense of talent with it at all, even a bit, you might struggle


I wouldn’t be able to know the difference. In a psychosis, voices from the subconscious sound as though someone outside is speaking in your ear, but No one is in the room…It would strike me as an act of faith to trust what is speaking to u is a spirit, and not of your own subconscious…