I have to leave sorry

@Lady_Eva. Hello, i am glad to have met some good people on here and got new insight on different perspectives. With a little regret i ask that my account be deleted please. I am not ready for this kind of work yet and i apollogize. Im going for a spiritual cleanse and blockage removal session today and i need better path direction before i do anything else. Nothing against anybody here, i just need to work on myself and focus on me and other things right now. Thank you very much

Good luck on whatever path you choose. All the best

Good luck on all you do!

Best of luck in all future endeavors.

Thank you all

All the best for your future… May you find peace, joy and transformation…:pray:t2::candle::+1:t2:

wish you luck

All the best man, remember if you’re ever having a rough day…

It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Take care