I have the purple flame what can I do with it?

Ever since I was started to be able to see in the astral realm I noticed that I can easily make my hands turn to purple fire in there. Recently I noticed I can do with any part of my body.

When my hands get really itchy in the physical world, the only thing that relieves it is the purple flame in the astral.

A few days ago there was a roach I saw that had his leg broken and looked like he had been stepped on kind of and he wasn’t going to make it very much longer I could tell. So I touched him with my hand while I had purple flame in the astral. The next day he was better.

Other than that, that’s all I’ve done with it. Does anybody else out there have this ability? Do you have any information you can share with me about how I can use it and/or what I can do with it?

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No idea, but it sounds cool. Healing is good lead, so I’d try more with that. Maybe astrally travel to people you know need healing and try it with them, then see what happening in the physical.


I think i have heard somewhere you can use it to raise vibration in people or area with that.


I have known some about “purple” color healing power, actually “violet” color, I could get a little training in prana violet healing. So, they do it with the power of affirmations, blessings, first they clean, banish karmic bonds and afterwards using a special wand , movements and visualization, they heal themselves and others.


How do they banish karmic bonds?

They use forgiveness affirmations, so you have to be open to forgive everyone, even yourself. In my experience, this was good, it helped me a little, I can’t deny it but I think you can’t give your life just to forgive everyone, anyway, prana violet healing is a RHP point of view.

I think purple is also the colour of domination