I have started working with the OAA book and I have questions

May 15th, 2022

So after taking a few day break because of a hectic schedule, I’m back tonight I moved on to the next meditation. This meditation involves quieting your mind and visualizing (and feeling) a giant ball of golden light above you. Then proceeding to inhale and bring the energy into yourself until you are glowing brightly with the golden energy.

Then at the end, you put your head back and exhale, feeling the energy leaving you.

I had a hard time getting relaxed, so I grabbed my mp3, then for some reason I was drawn to one of Conner Kendall’s meditations that I had downloaded. And this meditation was literally what I needed and also involved visualizing a golden light and breathing it into yourself.

As I went through the meditation I could feel myself being filled up with bright energy, and I could feel the warmth build up inside of me, it took a bit but I managed to get it built to a climax.

And when this happened, I put my head back and exhaled, feeling the energy leaving my body. It felt warm and slightly thick.

May 19th, 2022

So tonight I did the next exercise, this one involves bringing divine golden energy into my self again. But as I exhale, I need to vibrate “El ShaddaiYod He Varv He, and Sat Nam on my exhales.

When I vibrated “El Shaddai” the energy around me felt slightly heavy and warm.

When I vibrated “Yod He Varv He,” the energy around me became lighter and tingly and it also felt like I had a warm blanket around me.

And when I vibrated “Sat Nam,” the energy turned tingly and cool, like a cool summer breeze. I knew that it wasn’t from an external source because I had both my bedroom
Windows closed during this exercise.

May 23rd, 2022
12:30 AM

So tonight I did the final exercise before the “Initiation of the First Flame” section. (The IFF is basically combining all the exercises from the previous pages together by basically doing them one after the other.)

Anyway, for this I did as the book instructed and faced east, kneeling on my knees. I relaxed myself and rid myself of negativity, stress, and tension. Once I did that, I put my hands together above my head with only my index fingers pointing up and the tips touching.

Once I did this I started to pull in white, golden energy from above me and channel it through my being, nearly 5 seconds after doing this. I suddenly felt weightless, like I was just suspended in mid-air; it felt kind of like what I imagine being in zero gravity would be like.

After doing this for a few minutes (like 5), i channeled the white light to my fingertips, and placed all 10 fingers on ground. Almost immediately I felt and also saw in my minds eye a sphere of sparkling white light surround me almost immediately after my fingertips touched the ground.

Tomorrow or the day after I will perform the initiation of the first flame.


March 24, 2022

So tonight I did the Initiation of the first flame.

I began by grounding myself and cleansing the area around me, I also had some of my Legion members form a ward around the area I was
Performing this in.

Anyway, I got into a meditative state and cleansed myself of all my negativity, and the stress and tension in my body. Once I did this, I faced South and began.

After about three minutes, I began to see black mist fill my room and the area around me through my minds eye. And as I breathed in, I observed the mist come closer and I felt it covering my entire body, and as I breathed out, I felt and saw it retreat back a bit.

I repeated this process and observed this mist for 5 minutes. After I did this I moved on to the next part.

For the second part I had to visualize and watch a pendulum swing for 5 minutes, there is nothing really notable that happened during this. I put on some music to help my brain stay in tempo with the swings. (It’s not required to do that but OCD, lol.)

I then moved onto the candles. I consecrated each of them in the same order I did before.

Some interesting things did happen when I was meditating and raising the energy of some of the candles inside me.

When I was focusing on the Black candle, I saw multiple figures in the flames. The first was the Grim Reaper (I could see his robes silhouette pointing a bony finger at something and his robe swayed with the candle.)

Then I saw Sadako from the Japanese Horror film “Ringu” slowly making its way along. And finally I saw a man on a throne, when I saw this the name “Lucifer” popped into my mind.

All these things had to do with the attributes of the color black. The grim reaper and Sadako represent Death, and Lucifer on his throne symbolizes Darkness, as Lucifer fell from light into the darkness.


With the Indigo candle, the flame few increasingly brighter and taller the moment I finished pushing energy into it.


While I was gazing at the green candles flame, I got a vision of a young looking red headed woman wearing a green hood thing, smiling softly. I figured this was Mother Earth as Green is the color for Nature and also Earth.


While I was gazing into the last candle, the violet candle, I felt suddenly as if I was gigantic. As if I was a god overlooking humanity, and I continued to feel as though I was massive as I felt divine energy flooding through me.

After this I faced East, kneeling with my hands to my side. I pulled white golden light from above me and channeled it through my being. Once I was full of it, I vibrated SAT NAM and put all 10 fingers on the ground.

Just like before, immediately I was surrounded by a white golden sparkling light. But as I sit there, I felt a pretense, I knew what this was and I quietly said, “I accept the First Flame”.

Immediately after this I felt an amazing energy and feeling course through me, akin to that of an intense orgasm. And my entire body felt warm with this energy. After this I was pretty tired, so I went to bed after this.

June 8th, 2022

Around midnight because why would I do it during the day like a normal person, lol

So I know its been a bit since I posted my experiences from OAA and that is because I was dealing with family issues, and then I got grounded from electronics, lol.

Anyway, so as usual, I cleansed myself and my surroundings, grounded myself, and then got into my meditative position (I have been using the lotus position a lot when I meditate).

After I was relaxed, I brought in white golden energy using the technique learned in the previous lessons, and I brought a white glittery shield down around me. Once I did this, I then imaging the element of fire and I used all my senses for this, and when I thought I was ready, I began to let the element pour inside the sphere, surrounding me.

I could feel the fires warmth around me and climbing up my body, I saw in my minds eye and felt the fire set me on fire, as if I was made of gasoline. I could hear the fire crackling and could smell the smoke around me; after the sphere was completely filled and I was engulfed in the flames, I breathed in an brought the fire and its energy into me, feeling the warmth flow through me. I could also feel the power of fire going through me, I felt like a Lion and I felt like I could do anything, I felt as if I was a leader and I felt like I was ready to fight.

I could feel the courage flowing through me, and the fires power flowing through my veins.

After I filled myself with this energy, I dropped the shield and let the fire out and I let it dissipate into the air. I went to sleep feeling very empowered.

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August 4, 2022
Sometime in the afternoon.

So I know it has been 2 months since I posted any updates but I finally moved on to the next element, I chkse water for this as I legit was on one of those floating dock things in about heart deep water.

As i sat on the floating dock, I got into position and brought down the white sparkly energy into me and I them created the sphere around me. I calmed myself more then I visualised water pouring into the sphere from above, I could feel the coolness of the water engulf me until i was completely covered with it.

Once this happened I breathed in and felt the pour of the water surge into my being like a strong rapid torrent, but it also felt like calm water too. I felt the energies flowing through me and started to feel melancholy but also at peace. I looked at the water in front of me, I watched the waves as I felt the waters energy enter me, after a few minutes of this I felt completely calm and I felt like I was home being embraced by a motherly hug.

After all this I ended the meditation and stayed relaxed, I actually started talking to the water spirts and we talked for a while, in my minds eye one of the ones I was talking to had a face that looks native american. That makes since seeing as how there are alot of native americans around the state.

August 26, 2022
3:25 PM

So it was a nice day out today, there was a nice breeze in the air so I decided to use the element of Wind for the meditation. To get into a meditative stage, I listened to a video on youtube, one meant to raise your vibrations and I could literally my vibrations change, the most powerful area of this vibration was my Third Eye area.

(The link to the video for those who are interested: Raise Your Vibration in 5 Minutes - 432 Hz Meditation Music - YouTube )

Once I got into a meditative state, I created a sphere around me and visualized the element pouring in from the top of the sphere. I sat there and I could feel the coolness of the wind and also I could feel the force behind the wind somewhat.

Once the sphere was filled I began to inhale the energy into my being, through my nose, mouth, pores, every bit of me. As soon as I did this, I began to feel light as if the wind itself was carrying me through the air, it felt peaceful but I could feel the power from the energy around me, gentle but with the tendency to become destructive at a whim.

After meditating with this feeling I deconstructed the sphere around me and ended the meditation, heading off to eat dinner because I was pretty hungry afterwards.

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