I have started working with the OAA book and I have questions

So I recently picked up EA’s OAA. And I have started working on it.

In Lesson 3 it says I need a bunch of different candle colors. Is that required? Because my mother gets suspicious if I get different colored candles (She really frowns upon my practice.)

So can I just use white candles instead, as I have some white tea lights and electric white tealights.

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You need the colors because it’s part of the point of the exercise, to investigate how your own system works and feels differently with different colors.

You don’t need all at once though, if you can get say 3, that should be enough to give you an idea, and see if it’s something that even affects your magick. You wont get the full experience of the work if you don’t, but you’ll still get some otherwsie.

You could also save this until you get a place of your own, or take the candles out on a hike and do it in private somewhere out of the way, or say you’re having a long bath and do it in the bathroom.


Would electric candles work though? Because I was thinking I could just tape colored paper to the electric one so I can technically have a red or blue candle. Would that work?

No. For this particular exercise, a fully coloured candle is required. In his earlier work, where many of these exercises are drawn from, Koetting says to always use candles that are coloured throughout, and are not simply white candles with a coloured coating. You are charging these candles with energy in this exercise, and an electric candle does not imprint as easily as wax.


I see…

Another question. With the pendulum meditation before the candle meditation, is there a speed I have to imagine this pendulum swinging at, or is any speed and direction fine as long as it keeps my focus on the pendulum?

No, there is no particular speed needed for the pendulum to swing at. Whatever your imagination wants to set it at is fine, as long as you can maintain the image. Whenever I do the exercise, for example, the pendulum tends to swing at toughly the same pace as you would see in the Hollywood movie version of hypnosis.

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I see. Because of my ADHD, it’s easier for me to focus on a pendulum swinging in a circle, that way it’s enough to keep my brain interested and stay focused.

You don’t want the pendulum to swing in a circle. You want it to swing side to side.

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Ah, i see. Thanks for the Info!

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Alright fam, I have succeeded in keeping the pendulum swinging and am still going to practice it moving on.

Anyway, I looked at the next lesson with the colored candles, and I was wondering, how do I know if I am feeling the right emotions welling up inside me with specific colors like Indigo or Black?

Just feel what you feel. Let the emotions well up naturally and don’t force them.

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April 30, 2022, around 2 PM

So today when I had some free time, i did the candle exercise. I decided to do 1 a day since I am extremely busy throughout the day.

Anyway, the first candle I chose was white, so after I sat down and got into the correct state of mind, I lit the candle.

I gazed into the flame and felt peacefullness flooding my being, like a cloud slowly drifting upwards, once I did this for a few minutes, I inhaled and gathered all of that peaceful energy into my center.

Then I exhaled and felt as the energy went into the muscles of my right arms and through my veins. It felt gentle and calming…

After that, I started to do my breathing and little by little, pushed the energy out of me into the candle like directed to do. It felt like there was a orb in my chest that got smaller and smaller, after probably about 10 minutes of this, I felt the orb disappear and my intuition guided me to stop.

The atmosphere around me is still calm and it is very nice.

May 1st, 2022

So I moved on to the color yellow for the next color. It pretty much went the exact same route as the first, though something notable to mention is that the emotions that were welling up I could feel giving off a sort of protective vibe.

It felt pretty different from when I did the white candle before and I could actually see the energy going into the candle and being burned away, it was really weird.

May 3rd, 2022
Around 3 PM

So I chose the color orange for todays meditation and I relaxed as usual until my surroundings came alive, then I directed my attention to the candle after I lit it.

I sit there contemplating the attributes of the color, and I felt a sort of feeling of accomplishment, like I had just been awarded something. And this got stronger as the color and energy built up inside of me.

After this I proceeded to push the energy into my arm, and after a bit I directed the energy from my core back into the candle, stopping once my intuition told me.

May 4th, 2022
Around 3 PM

So today’s color was Red, a color of passion and love, but also a color symbolizing Hatred, M*rder, Blood, and Rape.

After I entered the right state of mind, I began to feel this candles attributes welling up inside of me, and it was very strong, after only a few seconds of feeling it, I felt my nose start twitching and I felt my teeth grit hard.

Even though I tried to relax, it always returned, so I let it stay and continued with the exercise.

After I felt like I was brimming with attributes, I started pushing the attributes and emotions out into the candle, and little by little, I could feel those attributes and emotions growing weaker in me until I felt like there was nothing left.

I don’t know if there is any significance to this, but in the smoke of the candle after I blew it out, I saw what kinda looked like a cobras head. The image of the cobra head was the first thing my mind thought as I looked at this smokey thing.

May 5, 2022

So tonight I chose the color Black, which is funny because I ended up doing the candle meditation around midnight in the pitch blackness of my room.

Anyway, after the usual prep I got to raising my energy. This time the energy felt slightly thicker, as if it was endless, and I felt this darkness consume my entire insides. It made me feel empty, like there was nothing but just that energy….

After raising the energy and attributes within myself, I did the same thing I did with the previous candles, and slowly but surely, I felt the energy and attributes leave me and go into the candle wax. Burning away as the wick itself burned, after I contemplated the meditation, I blew the candle out and went to bed.

Side Note
As I was staring into the flame, in the smallest blue part of the flame, I though I saw a skull, which makes sense, as black symbolizes death.

Second Side Note
Also, I looked up the symbolism for Cobras and found this interesting.

“The cobra symbolizes wisdom, changes, enchantment, hypnosis, protectiveness, danger, poison, determination, fear, strength, sexuality, sexual urges, courage, confidence, transformation, royalty, death. They are also a symbol of speed, defensiveness, and gracefulness.”

(Quoted from : https://dreamastromeanings.com/cobra-spirit-animal-totem-symbolism-and-meaning/ )

The main attributes of the cobra that make sense in context are “Sexual Urges” and “Death” as they can be connected to “M*rder” and “Rape”.

May 7th, 2022

So I went for the Indigo Candle this time, and I really didn’t know what to expect when the the energy and its attributes started to rise inside me. I just tried to not think to much into it and just continued the exercise.

The energy felt very Ticklish as it rose and it felt almost clearing, my third eye area also felt cleared. Probably because one of the attributes of Indigo has to do with Intuition and Clairvoyance.

Anyway, after that I proceeded to do as the instructions asked in the exercises previously and after I contemplated the meditation, I blew the candle out and grounded myself.

I didn’t see anything in the candle flame or smoke this time

May 9th, 2022

So today I chose the color green for the candle, Green symbolizes nature, mother earth, and among other things, it symbolizes Birth and Life.

As I raised the energy and attributes of the candle in front of me, I felt this energy as calming and embracing, as if Gaia herself were holding me close in a motherly embrace. And I felt the energy of life and the powers of nature flow within me.

After doing this for 5 minutes, I released the energy and attributes back into the candle and when I felt that all the energy was gone, I blew the candle out.

May 10, 2022

So tonight was the final candle of the second OAA exercise. The final candle was violet, symbolizing Unity with the Self, Divinity, Mastery, and unlimited growth.

After I got into a relaxed state of mind, I lit the violet candle and gazed into the dancing flame, while doing this I could slowly feel the the usual feeling of the energy and it’s attributes building inside me.

This energy made me feel as if I was complete and tickled slightly building up. This isn’t as extreme as some of the other candles energies, but I still felt it.

After building up the energy enough, I began channeling it back into the candle and when I finished, I simply blew out the candle and went to bed.