I have specific requests for YHWH

I asked YHWH to work quicker and as fast as he can to manifest my dreams and I did the same with angels. They seem to have left me alone when I requested it (I can’t stand angelic energies it’s too strong) and it feels like he responded to my needs. Will he also work quicker since I don’t give a damn about quality results, only quantity and rapidness. I know I shouldn’t be the type to work with YHWH since a lot of patience is required but I just wanna pray to him and I know his timing is perfect, I don’t need timing, only fast results, I asked him to work from the elemental to up, instead of vice versa, shall I adapt to him or does he adapt to me? I have no evil intentions

I am afraid those are questions for yourself and him. I would do what feels right to you, and not worry so much about whether it is right or wrong.

Your right can be my wrong, and my right can be your wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Those are some good questions… I feel I should give an answer to this, but I’ll do so tomorrow. Well… have patience, I’d say :wink:

Sometimes people are busy, no matter if you may want them to answer quickly, as YHWH should work quickly for you :smiley: I mean, since you’re expecting this from a God and angels, how much more you should from us, surely? hehe

Ok, I’ll answer tomorrow as soon I’ll have some time, getting late today.
Have patience :wink: my friend!

The universe works in it’s own timing, it may be busy sometimes doing other things too… :wink:

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I’m glad you’re not my boss, you seem like the type to make unreasonable demands and then breathe down everyone’s necks while they’re trying to do it. I’m guessing you’re not very popular with restaurants either.

It sounds to me like you want all the benefits of magick without doing any of the magickal work.

They can just swipe left on you if you wanted.And you want them working faster increases the possibility.

Yeah you’re right , whats wrong about it? He literally stated: let god do the work. I might take it too an extreme level but I’m not doing magick at the moment. Though I understand you sorry

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Yeah I was thinking every prayer is answered but I think I wanted to be spoon fed he said literally: let god to all the work. I’m not doing magick at the moment I’m just checking things out for others opinions

There is a balance here that can be difficult to achieve without practice. You can trust that the magick will work and bring results, but there are times when you need to open the pathways for magick to work for you. Magick has given me many incredible opportunities and gifts, and this is often because I put myself into a position where I am able to receive what magick can offer.

If you want to make money, then you should do things that can make you money and let magick support your actions. If you want to find a partner, you’re going to have a hard time doing that if you stay inside and sit on your couch all day (quarantine aside).

Other times magick can work all on its own. Magick to influence or curse often even works better if you don’t interfere, and I’ve had opportunities fall into my lap that I could never have expected.

This is a balance that you can learn to navigate by practicing magick over time, experimenting and seeing what happens. If you don’t do magick then magick isn’t going to happen for you.

Angels answer some prayers , but not as easily as demons do , they selectively do it , unless you serve them