I have some concern need opinions

I sense something bad is in the works in my life like something really bad is about to happen but it’s for my own good because it brings on change that I need to move on and evolve… this feeling is a sense of someone dying or myself getting injured somehow I have a strong sixth sense it’s my mother and she’s going to die really soon probably within 10 or 5 years I sense this from Azazel that some big change is going to happen and it’s going to be bad but out of it comes evolution and growth…I could be wrong but this is a strong sense…i need some opinions

also the tower showed up via tarot and that never really is a good sign…

Make your own money. Detach from your mother. Find love for yourself, and find fulfillment in your heart. Find a purpose that drives you.

Remember, humans have the ability to adapt.

But most of all, find a way to make peace with the world you’re in.

For you, this is crucial. Teach yourself, love yourself, and care for yourself. Parents want to raise their children to live and to be independent, to be able to function and survive in the world.

For you especially… you have to change your mindset of the world. This world is not merely “fake”, as if somehow it is only the hollow image of the Creator.

In the same way that we find joy and entertainment in our dreams, fantasies, and ideas, we have to find a way to make our world a dream world. As in, it’s something we enjoy living in.

A true connection with the Creator and with the fundamental being of all things would not merely have you escape the world, it would release you of the fundamental anxiety of taking things too seriously.


well yes Azazel has said embrace the flesh instead of running from it and learn to enjoy this world…

If you were to have all of the material comforts of this world, would you still feel as though you don’t enjoy this world?

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truly I would say yes having money would make it easier but I would desire the Astral spirit realm more

Hi OP! The way I see it, this rolls out in three likelihoods: you adapt with that information, find what’s threatening your mother, and prevent the threat; you ignore it entirely; or you miss out on the chance to save your mom because some nonhuman told you she was going to die and that ‘evolution’ would come out of it. Well guess what?

‘Evolution’ happens whether you like or plan it to or not. You’ll ‘evolve’ regardless of what happens to your mother.

See, don’t repeat my mistakes- once when I was green, time stopped for me, and a black shape flew past me. The shape told me that the perfectly healthy cat I had would be dead in under two days. Being six, I was too caught up in the experience to really get an idea of what to do.

A day and a half later, I never saw my cat again. Turns out a serial killer tortured cats in my area.

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