I have marks after ritual

Hi all hope you are doing fine.

I just want to ask if something or what happened to me. after a ritual for the hungry ghost the next morning i got red marks on my forehead and check i dont know if it is an allergy from an insect bite or from some spirit. anyone here had the same experience?


I could tell straight away, that ain’t right. I know this.

Banish your home.
Cleanse your body with a bath.
Meditate and find a new ritual to work with.

What’s the point of completing a ritual to look like your a domestic abuse victim? The hungry ghosts? Why them out of everything. They’re insatiable.


^^ i totally agree with the above


thank you. the budhist also feed hungry ghost isnt it?

Feed as in offering or?

Hungry ghosts are what they’re because of what they’ve done.


I’ve had marks, usually small occasionally couple bruises, but never like that. I agree with banishing.


so why those marks?

yes offering usually during the ghost month buddhist do this

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You’re not doing it right. I don’t know what sect of Buddhism you belong to; but offerings are enough. A ritual? Never heard of that. You got assaulted by spirits. That’s the reason you got marks like that. They are bruising badly.


If you’re truly concerned — I will put a protective spell on you that will be relevant to your beliefs including many mantras that will cast away these things.


how do i take bath with salt? i usually do daily offerings for the ancestors then i also do for the hungry ghost my instinct told me. but you know after my ritual i felt so good like a big rock was lifted from me. this happened 3 days after im continually doing it.

Bath cleanses come in much variety. Salt is enough. People love going overboard. Thinking they have to buy a kit with a blend of herbs, plants, crystals and different salts. Lol, whatever works right?

I’m not sure, how to answer this properly because it’s too broad for me. What does this ritual consist of? an offering, mantra, then?

The instincts must’ve told you the ghosts were hungry :smile: but I’m not sure how much you offer, it’s insatiable hunger that is believed they’re stricken with. So why consider this ritual for another 3 days?

They were happy and weight was lifted off of the shoulders for an exchange. Sometimes exchanges become unworthy if these things happen.

It’s uncertainty if they got angry with you not giving them enough because it’s never enough or impostor spirits that have been invited in unknowingly during the ritual and have been there after the third ritual.

Just my two cents.


i think an impostor spirit got unknowingly invited. i offered lakshmi mantra.

I get mine because I they can basically physically interact with me when I’m in my meditative state. But they never been large usually like a fingerprint

My biggest advice would be:STOP FEEDING THE HUNGRY GHOSTS!!! It is tottal nonsense and it is drawing an dangerous attention to you from all the negative parasitic entities in the astral!

You have probably attached to you some nasty astral parasite and you are doings his will by feeding him!!!

Don’t do any offerings to random parasitic ghosts!!! They will completely drain you of your life force energy and things and your health will only get worse i promise! I know this, becouse i’ve seen and experienced it.

Just stop whatever “rituals” you think you are doing right know! Resist the mental manipulation of these entities and fight for yourself by ignoring them completely and don’t giving any though to them or anything. Trust me!!!

I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but i am just amazed of how many people around here is this forum are completely clueless and under the influence of the parasitic astral entities! Stop what you are doing right now and try to never do it again. Unless you want to be their slave, zombie and energy feeding peace of meat, becouse that is what you are to them, nothing more!

Please don’t be so naive and ignorant anymore and open your eyes to what is really happening. Those entities don’t care about you shit and are eating your life force away! If it continues and they grow strong enough they can even posses you(experienced it firsthand).

STOP! Please, for your own wellbeing listen to my fucking advice. Otherwise you want to get eaten by them and killed.


Bro chill hahaha you on some melodramatic Hollywood movie shit! That was intense. Relax it’s treatable, quite quickly actually. The hungry ghosts is something Buddhists are familiar with. She can sort this out.


… I will have no chill untill everyone wakes the fuck up from under the influece of these parasitic astral entities! I won’t CHILL, becouse i have suffered from them and experienced all sorts of bad shit from it and i want to help people by opening their eyes.

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And if some rituals are “old and known” doesn’t mean that those rituals are good for you and that those people fully know what they are talking about and doing, becouse they are seeing it from their religious dogma “glasses” and not the real truth.

There are plenty old “known” rituals which are fucking horrible and destructive for the human, but “are feeding the ghosts and spirits for the greater good and other bullshit” .

Yes, go ahead and sacrificw yourself and your energy for the hungry fucking ghosts, that would be very smart.

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We all suffer from them they’re stuck to us all the time, can you see them sometimes? Parasites exist in us, and also outside of us. There is no dilemma when it comes to banishing lower vibrational nasties away.

Just be self aware and deal with things accordingly. The more you treat it as an urgency the more you’ll pull your hair out. Being neurotic for the fact of what you know may be the pitfall of your happiness. Don’t feel disdain. Life’s temporary here.

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read my posts again, top to bottom. You are not thinking clearly. Just stop the rant. Let the thread settle for other input. Cheers