I have gone completly Barren

I do a lot of Black magic through a inverted pentagram, i have notice peculiar thing is happening, all my sex drive has been engulfed by the shear power of the inverted pentagram i use to travel from Earth to Hell, by when i do end up in Hell with a very big welcome always until i make mistakes when i use my inverted pentagram, as i get into that type of Black magic, it is sending me nearly completely all barren, so when i try and go and use Mrs. Parma and her 5 Daughters, nothing completely happening and end up with sorse, very nasty stinging pains, i try and egnore it, the only thing i get is blood and it kill, i was wondering why so i went back and consult my inverted pentagram, i was told very welcoming, because of my dedication with the inverted pentagram to unlock its power to become Satans Deciple of Hell, we decided to shut down completely your sex drive and libedo and testosterone levels, because i wasn’t getting Layed, tell us in Hell before the Demons and the Lords of Darkness and Satan, why do you need a Sex drive tell us what fucking arswipe bitch ever liked you, because we have been monitoring you for Decades since you wear a age of 18 years old and now your 48 years old, no Female in the city of Adelaide ever gave you a shit all those years when you were in your 20s nothing all the other guys get all the Honeys that is why Hell chosen you James Aplin human race is no good for you they would rather regect you than welcome you, pretend to welcome then stab you in the back, keep on doing inverted pentagram black magic and it will start to really irritate all those selfish arswipes, is that why when you were in prison the others would say what are you in for, have you got a girlfriend i would say no, then they would talk amongst themselves hes a 40 year old virgin, so Demons decided since Adelaide and Australia are all arswipes we will make you Barren, wont be able get woman pragnent screw go forth and multiply instead use the Dark powers. So that is what i was told when i went to Hell nights ago, i thank Hell for what i have been ordained in Hell. Yay hihip horay.

And this children is why you don’t magick and…


Get some help man, some serious psychiatric help. You are losing it and you need to come back to earth before you do something you will regret.
But don’t feel bad you are not the first person on this forum to go bananas and lose their shit. It happens once a week. At the very least. There was a guy about to castrate himself a few weeks ago. So this isn’t the worst freak out I have seen. But take care of yourself bro.


Ammm ? What I just read XD ? :sweat_smile:


Dude, you can be a troll god of ANY pantheon.

Also, you want to get laid? Go start improving yourself. Women don’t owe you shit, and doing all this delusional crap won’t help you.


Take care of yourself man :confused:

Thanks bro, i was only giving some history, also the type of black arts, they say there are many different types of Black magic LHP, i just chosen a parth that can be a very lethal and, and one of the most frieghting form, as i have experience in my late teens, but i have completely become so acustomed to Black arts, now since i was able to get a week ago when i did find a plastic bag with a marijuana bud, i did get stoned and attempt inverted pentagram like i did when i was young, but i managed very well after i activation the inverted pentagram i really did experience a huge over powering force emunating from the star, i am not stoned at the moment, because yesterday i finished the last dregs and resin, stinky sticky resin, but i can still recall inverted pentagram experiences, see i gave up Kurtis Joseph regarding BMoA, and gone back to a path that works for me to well, i have tryed BMoA its like a memory like making a telephone call and get no answers, 1 step forward 2 steps back, but when i use my inverted pentagram as a way of communication i keep getting a constant build up of energy, also around my star i put symbols as well i copied the 6 symbols from the circle of counter creation between each point 1 in the center, done correctly all facing the center of my inverted pentagram ink contains my blood, graveyard dirt, and finely ground human bone powder mixed with india ink, then i charged it up for 3 months in a Haunted charging vessel, then i got a fountain pen, filled it up with haunted charging ink, and i constructed the inverted pentagram double ring 5 symbols around plus symbols from circle of counter creation, i actually boosted the power of the mega Lights, what i saying mega lights is if i use the inverted pentagram over a very long session the whole inverted pentagram double rings all symbols will be like looking at neon lights, but for me to get there it would take hours, using the inverted pentagram by tracing with middle finger, it is a extremely very slow process, depending how slowly i tracing star without coming of lines and never cross lines after activation, it is more important the going out and putting up with Catholics and Christians, so i not worried if i didn’t gets a bag of pot, but i did the inverted pentagram at 4 pm today keeping in contact with Satan, ill give a example of what i mean about tracing inverted pentagram with my finger, you know that movie Clyde Barkers Hell raiser regarding the Hell raiser box see how it is used how they run slowly along the lines on the Hell raiser box with fingers, okay now notice how slowly fingers moving along lines on the Hell raiser box, i just use that kind of process when using a inverted pentagram, same type of thing but instead of using 2 thumbs on a inverted pentagram like regarding Hell raiser box i just hold inverted pentagram fimly with left hand, so keeping inverted pentagram dead flat and so inverted pentagram still, and tracing inverted pentagram anti clockwise slowly while stairing dead center of inverted pentagram without coming of lines and never cross lines, i only cross lines during activation, so there you go, Hail Satan. Maybe one day i should put together a inverted pentagram instruction book of my path i been on that gives a instructions regarding how to unlock the inverted pentagram regarding a process to call Satan from Hell in his unmasked form, as well as Demons true form unmasked with noise.:sunglasses:

I’ve heard demons mocking me before. Used to happen before I learned what I know now. After my study and practice now I don’t have issues with hearing taunting demons.

When kids come in here and ask people for spells to kill or enslave their own family they generally get advice from this forum in the form of which demons and sigils to use. Im suprized this thread is getting trolled and derailed so hard. Especially when derailing a thread is a big nono here.


Well If a kid comes here and their first post is about death spells they will get the treatment based on being beginners or simply new to this forum.
Ppl that have been active for a while, perhaps digging true a ban-month and making posts asking for assistance and advice and then reject it all. Well that behaviour tends to result in responsen that arnt as forgiving as for a beginner.


I find that when people try to moderate other people’s behavior it causes problems. Also I don’t think it’s right to belittle anyone and treat them disrespefully. If someone is causing an actual issue I’m sure the mods can handle it. Do you work for this forum?

No i dont work for this forum and i wouldsay the mods does a great work to keep it a good enviroment.
The only reason i do have some input on this is that i have seen many posts earlier in which i aswell tried to help as did everyone else and all we said and did was wrong.
You seemed puzzles as to Why the comments were of the kind they were and i only ordered my thoughts on the matter.





I could see that it is possible some creatures would like to use you to work their agenda, pushing you to use your pain and resentment as your fuel for their own issues with humanity or something on earth. I think you are being manipulated. But then again, it may look just look like manipulation. Some of us were created by entities in order to do their work and I feel they have some control in directing events to mold their souls into the person they need them to be.


I find that user, very belittle against me, i would like to say he ca completely fuck himself, if he referred me being Delusional for Believing in Satan, Hell and Demons, so if that fucking maggot calls me delusional, that means he is also referring to Kurtis Joseph, EA, etc. Delusional as well, well fuck him very much that piece of shit.:rage::zap::zap::zap: