I have created a ward, I would like to know if anyone can feel anything coming from it

As the title say, does anyone here can feel energies coming from this ward ? Yes I’ll redo it a little better and add more style to it

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What is a ward?

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A protection, that force negative energies and entities out of a certain perimeter

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Not sure. Possibly anger?

Add: or I’m getting interference and reading something other then you ward thing like someone in the neighborhood’s emotions instead.

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That’s very interesting, you feel anger coming from the ward ?

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I’m not very practiced at sensing by picture so maybe. But I sort of felt like anger.

Add: not exactly like ‘what you looking at get out of here’ but I’m not sure how to describe it other then was the closest I could come to describing it.

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Well thank you for sharing your thoughts on my ward , I’ll definitely keep it in mind, or If someone has the same feeling

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Like amulets?

Yes, both are correct

So why would I make a ward instead of amulet? Are wards more powerful?

They are the same thing, basically an amulet is used to protect against any and everything the person who wear it decide, bad luck, disease, energetic parasite, however a ward is used specifically for bad energies and entities, but neither is more powerful or more potent than the other, i believe it’s all about intent and willpower than you put into it, i tried to put a lot of intent into this ward, that’s why I needed to know how people here felt about it, to see if I succeeded in my work, i don’t second guess myself, it’s just to have a certain measure of its power

Not quite accurate.

First: no one thing regardless of what it is can protect against everything.

Second: an amulet can only protect if it is programmed to and can only protect you from that which it is programmed to protect you from.

Third: a ward is more like a fence or a wall a barrier of sorts (an active ward can repel a spirit/force/attack) or simply put a blockage in front of that spirit/force/attack.

The thing is, both require activation.

A amulet (let’s say it’s a ring is just an ordinary ring even if it has a sigil or magick words on it until it is activated.

It has to be charged (spelled) to make it go from just a lump of metal (or from just being ordinary
jewelry) and the protection is only as good as the spell the intent and it will only do as programmed

Suppose you make it and your thoughts are on avoiding a car accident. It could very well be that that amulet protects only against car accidents because that was where your focus your intent was focused when charging it.

You might say well I’ll just say this will protect me from everything and then it will. Well not necessarily. What is everything to you what are you thinking of focusing in. Since in magick intention determines results more or less where was your intention was.

So your intent was to protect against everything. Well unless you can literally define every single facet of what you are going to be protected from by the amulet it’s going to be at best a wishy wasn’t weak amulet or at worst a non functioning weak useless one.

See an amulet is only as good as it’s charging.

So… @Chamarouch @Kristian do you get what I’m trying to explain?

Add: now with that said… still do wards they’ll work well enough if your intent was there since they’re meant to keep something getting through (they act like a wall that may or may not push back any force applied to it) that you don’t want, but drop the amulets can do it all since they are a different kind of spell from a ward and they can only protect from what they are told to protect from but nothing unspecified.

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Thank you for correcting me on this and precising on what was said, I may have had trouble confounding the two, but you’re explanation was clear as moon water !