I have been refused

Hows this i think Anglicare is behind this ive got the latest version of UE4 downloaded as well as the launcher, so i attempt to purchase say 2 assets a Dark photoscanned forest and a fire propergation for $54 USD but when i finish the purchase and went to pay via paypal the payment was refused by Paypal.

So that means when Volume 4 gets released paypal will refuse, dont worry just shows how much of a cowared Anglicare is so their going behind my back and conspiring, anyway i wont be able to afford that book anyway until i pay 2,799 back for my computer, i was thinking those UE4 asset in AUD i was wrong didnt know anyway im still Practice dark magic, i think Anglicare is trying to enslave me, warn everyone about Anglicare signing up with that company they will use their Abrahamic trickery.

If paypal is refused that means you havent got the credit on the card bound to it.
None of my buisenis and i dont know what anglicare is but why and how would they have any chance to deal with your financials?

I second what @Grimner said. If paypal refused your purchase, it means your card wasn’t valid. Also, sometimes trying to purchase a US item with an Australian card can get it declined (I’ve worked in customer service before and had a few cases like this).

I don’t believe that Anglicare, a community service branch, would have access to your card in any way. The idea is lunacy. Since you’ve been bringing them up a lot, you need to let go of your obsession with them conspiring against you.

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Its a Internet debit card i got linked and i had 100 Australian dollars in my Internet account so i did have enough to cover, like when i made the purchase for volume 3 Azazel i had about 400 Australian dollars in my Internet account and that always use to work every time that is how i know.

Actually it is that is the same card i used to purchase volume 3 Azazel compendium.

Perhaps contact PayPal and ask them why you can’t make payment.
Alternatively, contact the merchant.

Well then take a look with paypal. The problem is either on their end or with your card those 2 things are most likely.
Angelicar or whatever is frankly bullshit, if they dont hold a role as legal guardians or something they cant affect your accounts or money or how you spend them.
So simply try again and seeing it works now.