I have become Death, Destroyer of Worlds

It finally happened. The reaper takes his toll as he is fed with two souls. EA always talked about this moment. Magick is no longer speculation. Magick has become real as day. Curses work.


If you don’t mind me asking.
How long was it from ritual result?


Two months. Death curse for anyone who didn’t gather what I was talking about.


That’s pretty quick. I hope I get to that level soon. I keep thinking that I should re do the curses


Samael is a hell of a demon!


Welcome to the point in your ascension where reality doesn’t work the same we thought it did before.
Numbers, Statistics the papers they don’t mean shit, at this point we can do anything.


I thought I would feel remorse when I got to this milestone. Nope. Not a drop. I’m in awe of the power that we all have within us.


Correction: It wasn’t Samael. I checked my journal. It was a Wild Hunt Berserk ritual I did.


Sounds interesting.

Congrats on your results. :black_heart:


Congratulations :smile_cat:

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Ik the feel @FraterMagni
Welcome to the Pantheon Of Dark Gods/Soul Reapers bro


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Oh yes, yes he is :smirk:


Definitely something I want to hear more about.

My post has been moved to “cosmic justice” if you wonder - :slight_smile:
I wonder, what are some of your favorite beings to work with on that matter?

I like to work with spirits of death for the most part. Odhinn in his darker aspects, Samael, Baron Kriminel, Marinette, Kalfu, the Thurses and Jotünn, Hela, Ogun Badagris, Murmur, Pazuzu, Set, etc.


Nice… :slight_smile: I haven’t tried most of them,

Baron Kriminel is he from the voodoo ‘sector’?
I of course recognize Odhinn
are the Thurses and Jotün and Hela from the same ‘sector’ as well?

What do the others belong to exactly? :slight_smile:
Like Marinette, Kalfu, Ogun Badagris

I do recognize Murmur from the Goetia
Pazuzu is one I also worked with
Samael as well and Set
And the one’s in E.A. mastering evocation book- All of them at least once.

(Generally used on beings or people that are enslavers of the human race-defending the defenseless so they can breathe some fresh air again, there’s still a lot to go around though…;

There are companies that terrorize people and steal their water reserves threatening to kill them and their families, generally really good people, tribal people living close to nature.

Mercenaries, of course with guns…; doing it for the money, not even second guessing who they harm, threatened, terrorize or kill…
like innocent tribe leaders who just want to live in peace and they themselves respect everyone.

So if you’re looking for targets…quenching your thirst for justice…while sharpening your gnosis…;
There are people that have nothing to defend themselves…

I have to admit, the more I spend time on making the earth a better place by benevolent magick (which I love doing),
the less patient I get with people that still to this day really don’t give a rats ass about
the absolutely innocent such as the case above, but also with the global elite.- I’m like…they had their chance all along -
I did pray for world peace and an earthly paradise for all a long time ago, and it still keeps pouring through,
So those guys had their chance…it’s not like they didn’t get the chance to make a change and they are holding up the betterment of people that do want to advance…
Magick, black or white or just working with the heart of all things, centrally - actually really did teach me to dare to stand up for what is right - as I never was the kind of guy to want to close my eyes on the madness of the world…; it did empower my love for humanity in great ways I must say… :slight_smile:

What’s your take on all of this?

What drives you the most? What makes you jump on your mat and push the barriers of your magick?

Venom/Poison of God…;

Great choice too.

I read in the greater key of solomon that he defends a guy called Essau I believe, a righteous feller…;

Marinette, Kalfu, Kriminel, and Ogun Badagris are all Vodou spirits. Hela and the Thurses are considered “giants” but they are more representative of chaotic energies. Hela is less chaotic than the rest of the Jotünn. I guess I don’t really care about what happens in the world as long as it doesn’t affect me or those I care about. I kind of take that tribal mindset. But I do hate all government so I’ll attack them without mercy.

If we all come together to attack the government what you think will happen